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They recover two vehicles and shoes stolen from a car washing machine in the Pinllo parish, in Ambato

After a police chase, police personnel found a washing machine where they recovered automobiles reported as stolen.


Erika Arequipa could not contain the tears of emotion when in the command of subzone 18 of the National Police in Tungurahua she was informed that the truck that had been stolen from her last Saturday in the neighborhood Atocha it was recovered in an operation carried out on Monday of this week.

She said that she uses the vehicle to sell flowers. On the day of the robbery, she was precisely dedicated to that activity, together with her husband.

That day, around 4:30 p.m., he explained that when they were getting ready to leave the sector, they realized that the car had been stolen and immediately contacted the ECU911 so that the Police could be notified, in order to help to get it back.

“It is a good that has been done with a lot of effort because it even had to make a loan, for that reason I am very grateful that it has been able to recover it, but they have stolen the radio and it does not have the memory,” said Arequipa in the middle of hugs from their relatives.

The Colonel Marco Muñoz, commander of Subzone 18 of the National Police in Tungurahua, commented that through preventive patrolling last Monday, around 11:30 p.m., the uniformed personnel learned of the theft of a home with the theft of a truck and merchandise (shoes) in a northern neighborhood of Ambate.

The robbery was carried out while the owners of the robbery were going to enter a house. There they were intercepted by eight people who stole the car and fled, the commander said.

After the alert, Muñoz explained that the units of the Ambato Norte district managed to locate the vehicle and after a chase they reached the Pinllo parish, where the antisocials entered a car washer to mislead the police action and flee through the back of the premises.

On the premises, the uniformed officers verified the presence of the truck with the merchandise. There, two Ecuadorian people were arrested who could not justify the origin of what they had on the site. They were apprehended for investigations.

Various vehicle parts were found in the washing machine, such as scrubbers, automotive computers, tachometers of different brands packed. They were apparently ready to be transferred elsewhere.

precisely, The white van that had been stolen on Saturday in Atocha was recovered from that site.

In general, among the evidence found at the site are three vehicles (two of those stolen and the other that was used by criminals), 380 pairs of shoes of different brands, eleven vehicle computers, four scrubbers, two carburetors, two vehicle fuse boxes, three control systems, five tachometers, fourteen plastic moldings and two cell phones, as well as the clothing of one of the suspects who, upon seeing the police presence, had tried to change. (I)

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