May is par excellence the month of the Mother and the Virgin Mary, as if one should be a mirror of the other in a kind of reflection full of virtue, sacrifice, unfathomable love and purity, since since time immemorial she is a mother, she is associated and represented as a virgin woman. That is, one who has no feelings of love unless they are related to motherhood and the exclusive provision of her children and husband, but what happens when a mother is not in a marriage relationship? What about single or divorced mothers?

To them

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According to Ecuador in numbers, our divorce rate has increased by 54.4%, so this month I am thinking of mothers who have to cheer themselves up after a hard day. Women who deal with men who try to take advantage of some economic disadvantage, with those who offer them help in exchange for sex, and with those who do not value them because a woman with children is too much trouble. So, when life offers them a chance to be happy by chance, it is imperative that they take the risk.

Happiness is a door that opens only when we stop pushing and forcing. It usually shows up when we think it will never come, but if we let it go or put it off too many times, it might tire of opening up to us. Life is too shortHowever, starting a sentimental relationship after forty will always bring with it the fear of failure, abandonment or renunciation of the heart and its breaking, logically it is scary, but I am more afraid of inertia and that boredom that brings death in life, therefore, I decided to cross the bridges which were presented to me.

(…) that the macho society we live in manages to understand that women don’t stop feeling when they become mothers…

Consequently, I believe that love gives the necessary strength and courage to overcome the obstacles that life can present as daily challenges. Likewise, I am convinced that we are masters of our destiny, responsible for our actions and coincidences do not exist, the problem will always be in the risk we are willing to take and the degree of commitment we decide to offer so that the relationship can develop in an environment of peace, trust and well-being. It should be clear that there will be problems and disagreements, but only the determination to keep looking towards a common goal can make the relationship last and continue, otherwise it will drown before the first storm.

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As a result, in this mother’s month, in addition to many kisses from dear children, sweet letters, lunches and dinners in beautiful places with flowers and chocolates, I want those mothers who are single or divorced to be able to match with people who love, respect and value them as women. I sincerely hope that the macho society we live in will manage to understand that women don’t stop feeling when we become mothers and I hope we all find someone who holds our hand, looks at us with love and kisses us on the forehead, grateful to have us in their lives. As Jean-Paul Sartre said, “We waste no time; maybe there were more beautiful ones, but this is ours”. (OR)