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Criminals broke into apartments of the residential complex of Same, in the south of Esmeraldas

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Several families reported the robbery perpetrated by antisocials in apartments of an exclusive residential complex in Same, belonging to the Atacames canton, in the south of the province of Esmeraldas.

Images of antisocials breaking into the apartments have gone viral in recent hours.

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In the shots, which correspond to events that occurred in previous days, several family members, including minors, are heard panicking when they see the criminals struggling to break down doors and enter the apartment spaces.

A citizen, who came with his family to spend a week on vacation, recounted part of what had happened in recent days.

He said that last Saturday he had arrived at Same with private security due to reports of security problems. At dawn on Monday, four subjects tried to get into the complex through the rear ravine, but the guards chased the thieves away; and, after fifteen minutes, two individuals also tried it from the front, as reported on social networks.

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Later, at dawn last Tuesday, eleven armed individuals climbed the hillside and assaulted six houses. Hours later, he decided to return and learned about another robbery that took place in another apartment, the same affected person said.

Karla, another of those affected, reported that two men with weapons entered the apartment she occupied with her family in the same complex and, under shouts and threats, took her personal belongings, clothing, cell phones and even drinks.

Two active policemen were arrested for drug transport case

“I called 911 to report the robbery, as we heard an apartment down the road being robbed. The police arrived within 20 minutes, and they didn’t do much either. They were delayed because they were responding to another assault right there, but further down, and they didn’t capture anyone. A vacation that had been wonderful so far. The insecurity in the country is dramatic. A couple of thieves who steal food and dirty clothes show the abandonment in which we live. @LassoGuillermo, it is time for you to do something … ”, claimed the affected person on social networks.

Assemblyman Fernando Villavicencio also shared images of the events that occurred in that residential sector, and described the events as “a real party of terror” for the families, mainly from the Sierra, who had arrived in that area. “While the political mafias share power, the citizens are helpless,” he commented.

In Esmeraldas, a taxi driver dies from a gunshot wound while crossing an area where an assault was taking place

Other citizens lamented the crime rate that hits the province of Esmeraldas, since this will affect the future attendance of tourists to this important area in the north of the country.

“Minister @nielsolsenp, this is unlivable. This holiday we decided to stay at home, just like that, ”wrote doctor Esteban Ortiz through social networks, sharing the testimony of one of those affected by the robberies.

In social networks, the Police mentioned that due to the criminal acts raised, operational actions are maintained in the tourism and hotel sector of the province.

Colonel Pablo Ramos, commander of Zone 1 of the National Police, said that investigations are being carried out into the events spread on social networks. “The police presence of the preventive, investigative axis has been reinforced, with all the capabilities of human talent and logistical means,” he said.

This private complex houses apartments in front of Same beach and is considered one of the most exclusive areas in the province of Esmeraldas. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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