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Minister of Defense toured the northern border and announced competition to fight drug trafficking

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The Minister of Defense visited several of the 37 existing border crossings on the Ecuadorian-Colombian border this Friday, August 12.

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The routes are used by transnational criminal organizations that operate in Carchi and Nariño (Colombia) to commit crimes such as drug trafficking, adulterated money, gold bars, migrants, military supplies, smuggling of goods and medicines.

Lara stated that drug trafficking has become a threat to the sovereignty of national integrity. “The Armed Forces are assuming a new competence and we are going to take the fight against this scourge to the borders,” he said.

Increases the commercialization of traumatic weapons that enter irregularly from Colombia

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The Secretary of State was previously in Esmeraldas. There a security zone was created and a task force was arranged. In this sense, he pointed out, that the perception of insecurity and the rates of violence have decreased. Likewise, economic activity in the area has been reactivated.

Lara confirmed that relations with his Colombian counterparts are excellent and that, to date, they maintain the so-called mirror plan that allows the military of both countries to act immediately and exchange information.

However, there is concern because in the border sectors of Tufiño, Maldonado, Chical and Tobar Donoso, in Carchi, facing Colombia, guerrilla columns of the National Liberation Army (ELN) still operate, to whom the latest thefts of Ecuadorian vehicles are attributed. and assaults.

This Friday, the Government of President Gustavo Petro announced that the High Commissioner for Peace, Iván Rueda, resumed peace negotiations with the ELN in Havana, Cuba. The meeting that generates expectations.

In these Ecuadorian towns, it is an open secret that militiamen and dissidents of the Revolutionary Colombian Armed Forces (FARC) are active in Colombian communities, even providing security for coca plantations and coca infrastructure.

The activity of the Chiles volcano

In the border parish of Tufiño, close to the Chiles volcano, Lara verified the planning and coordination maintained by the Armed Forces and the Risk Management Secretariat to deal with a probable contingency or possible eruption due to the activation of the Chiles – Guagua Negro volcanic complex. .

Ecuador and Colombia monitor the unstable behavior of the Chiles volcano, associated with seismic movements that worry Carchi; there are restrictions to enter the area

Jimmy Marcillo, Zone 1 Risk Coordinator, reported during the tour that next Wednesday, August 17, a binational drill will be held in these sectors with the participation of the border populations of Ecuador and Colombia.

It was indicated that in order to provide accurate and diligent care during the emergency that Carchi is experiencing, as a result of the seismic swarms that reach 6,000 daily shocks, the warehouses for humanitarian and traumatic aid and logistical support were decentralized, making it possible for Tulcán to stockpile all kinds of help.

The Minister of Defense announced that negotiations will be carried out with the Ministry of Transport and Public Works for the rehabilitation of the El Chical – Gualchán highway, which would be one of the venting arteries in the event of an accident. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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