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List of places to eat typical and gourmet in Cuenca

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The city of Cuenca has its varied and exquisite gastronomy, its typical dishes are made with the products of the land, based on ancient recipes that have passed from generation to generation preserving the aromas and flavors of yesteryear.

The rich gastronomy of Cuenca is an evident sample of miscegenation, basically composed of corn, from which dishes such as mote dirty, mote pillo, mote pata, tamale, morocho, chicha and other delicacies of typical food are derived. In addition, there are other dishes such as roast guinea pig accompanied by potatoes and mote; the hornado, which is the concentration of the flavors of the pork meat put in a wood oven, with the garnish of llapingachos, mote, salad and chili.

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The city has a large number of gourmet restaurants where they reinvent or modify the typical dishes, but without losing their essence and original flavors. This can be a good option to enjoy haute cuisine in the city of Cuenca.

Places to eat typical and gourmet in Cuenca

Two Sucres

This restaurant presents signature Ecuadorian cuisine, developed based on local and organic products whenever possible. The place makes a fusion of the typical elevated to haute cuisine.

Daniel Contreras, owner and chef of Dos Sucres, tries to capture his personal vision of the world in each of his dishes. He is an expert in avant-garde techniques that combines flavors that represent both our ancestral culture and new cooking trends.

The market

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El Mercado is a proposal for rustic cuisine. Their dishes contain local, fresh, seasonal ingredients that have been prepared with simple and traditional techniques. The restaurant offers a retro-chic experience: evoking that nostalgia and recalling perceptions of yesteryear, but also responding to the cutting edge of elegance and sophistication.

the mary

La María is located on Calle Benigno Malo 516 and Calle Larga, right in the center, on the second floor of an old building. The restaurant focuses on open kitchen, with a constantly changing menu. Every month there is a modification of its menu, generating the possibility of constantly having new experiences in the same place.

The essence of this cuisine is Ecuadorian, taking liberties to make variations, changes or additions to traditional recipes.

Park House

The “Casa del Parque”, a first class gourmet center that brings together the best of gastronomy in Cuenca. The architectural beauty and the historical testimony of this space make it a must-see for both locals and visitors.

On the ground floor, you can find 9 premises with a varied culinary offer, while on the upper floor there is “Mansión Matilde”, a spectacular restaurant that recreates the elegance of the Cuencan “belle époque” (early 20th century).

The little plaza

La Placita is characterized by its warm treatment and a very familiar and homely atmosphere, where they offer the authentic flavors of local and international cuisine, the ideal place to have dinner with the family or enjoy a night of cocktails with friends.

Source: Eluniverso

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