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A father’s reaction when his son asked him what he would do if he came home with a boyfriend on a Sunday

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A man recounted on social networks the reaction that a friend’s father had when he asked him what he would do if he came home with a boyfriend on a Sunday. The response, in addition to being funny, went viral.

Sergio _identified on Twitter as @Ser68_ok_ told through the platform the anecdote of his friend wanting to confess his sexual orientation to his family.

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“My friend, without knowing how to tell his dad that he was gay, just like that he told him… What would you do if one Sunday you fell for my boyfriend? ‘Noodles, son, it’s not enough for the barbecue,'” Sergio wrote and added: “Be parents, not judges of other people’s happiness.”

The tweet posted in July has nearly 50,000 likes and has been retweeted thousands of times. In addition, he received many supportive responses.

“It reminds me of when I told my mom I’m gay, she said oh well, what boy do you like? I lived destroying my psyche in case I reacted badly for years, “said a user.

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“I wish all dads understood their kids this way,” another person commented.

“I celebrate love. And there is no greater love than that of a father to a son and, as such, the only thing that should matter is his happiness, “added another tweeter.

The rights of the homosexual community have advanced in many countries, however when the subject is discussed in some families – due to ignorance, tradition, among various other reasons – there is still some rejection, which is why for some LGBTI people it is difficult to discuss the subject with their family and even friends. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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