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They supervise alleged irregularities in the emerging works contract on the Upano River in Morona Santiago

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Assemblyman Eduardo Mendoza Hurtado of the National Agreement Bank (BAN), began a process of auditing possible irregularities in the contracting of emerging works on the Upano River, in the Macas-Puyo section, in the province of Morona Santiago.

The legislator forwarded a document to the surrogate General Comptroller of the State, Carlos Riofrío, to the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Darío Herrera Falcónez, and to María Sara Jijón, general director of the National Public Procurement Service, in which he warns that when analyzing the composition of the shareholders that participated in the contracting process for the work on the Upano River, by the companies Hidalgo & Hidalgo and the Río Upano 2022 Consortium, by its member Simar Construcciones, which owns 65% of shares, would reveal a double participation using several companies.

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The tender for the work has a reference budget of $18,679,016.45, for the construction of access to the bridge over the Upano River located on the E45 Amazon trunk road, Macas-Puyo section, whose construction period is 730 days .

During the winter in Morona Santiago, the rains caused the Upano River to drag a large amount of material, product of the eruptive process of the Sangay volcano, which has caused it to overflow its channel and the obstruction of two culverts, at the height of the bridge entrance to Macas.

Section of the Puyo-Macas highway collapsed due to the flooding of the Upano River

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In the complaint, the legislator Mendoza, indicates that the company Hidalgo & Hidalgo offered $16,620,553.07, with this, there is a difference of less than 11.02% of the reference budget. And the Río Upano 2022 Consortium offered $17,584,614.26; that is, 5.86% less than the reference value.

Based on information from the Superintendency of Companies, legislator Mendoza Hurtado affirms that in the Río Upano 2022 Consortium, the Simar Construcciones group participates as a partner with 65% of the shares, in whose list of shareholders five are directly linked to the company. company Hidalgo & Hidalgo.

He recalled that the Organic Law of Regulation and Control of the Power of the Market in its article 11 numeral 6, determines the prohibition and warns with sanctions any collective agreement, decision or recommendation, or concerted or consciously parallel practice, and in general all acts or behaviors carried out by two or more economic operators, in any way manifested, related to the production and exchange of goods or services, whose purpose or effect is or may be to prevent, restrict, distort or distort competition or negatively affect economic efficiency or general well-being.

Also the resolution of the Sercop, 072 of the year 2016, in its article 64.2, states that the offers by the participants in the public procurement procedures, must be presented independently and without connection or link with other offers, people, companies or groups participating in said procedure, either explicitly or hiddenly.

The connection or linking of bids, either explicitly or in a hidden manner, with other bids, persons, companies or groups participating in a public procurement procedure will be defined in the methodology issued by the National Public Procurement Service for such purpose. which will be published on the Institutional portal of SERCOP.

In the event that the existence of links or connections with other offers, persons, companies or groups participating in said procedure is identified, either explicitly or in a hidden manner, in order to comply, guarantee, ensure and demand the principles and objectives of the National Public Procurement System, among which are competition, fair treatment, equality, as well as guaranteeing transparency, avoiding discretion in public contracting procedures, and safeguarding institutional and State interests, the offers will be disqualified from automatically in said contracting procedure.

Legislator Mendoza, when sending the letter to the Minister of Transport and Public Works, alerts that he also requested the Comptroller General of the State to urgently initiate a special examination of the aforementioned public contracting process, as well as the Director General of the National Public Contracting Service. , with the purpose of starting an exhaustive investigation of the subject and determining those responsible, if it is the case, in the face of alleged facts that conflict with morality and would harm the national treasury. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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