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When does sunscreen expire and other questions about summer protectors

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Do you have sunscreens from last year and you don’t know if they are expired or not?how long does open sunscreen last? doIt is necessary to renew the sun cream every summer or can we use the previous one? Every year, the same doubts. Until now.

sunscreens expire on the Date of Expiry indicated on the packaging or three years after the date of purchase in case you don’t put it. This is so even for unopened packages.

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We recommend that you write the date of purchase on products without an expiration date with a permanent marker so you know when to throw them away.

It is important not to use sun creams after the expiration date because then There is no guarantee that they remain safe and effective in preventing sunburn. After that time, active ingredients begin to break down.

Sun protection is essential because it reduces the risk of UV rays penetrating the skin. Without adequate protection, the risk of suffering increases. sunburn, mostly related to UVB rays. Exposure to harmful free radicals from UVA rays can also accelerate the aging of the skin and this exposure increases the risk of cancer of skin

How long does open sunscreen last?

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The sun cream container will have all the necessary information about the date of expiration and use (and if not, remember the three-year rule).

They also usually bear an icon of a jar with the lid up with a number and an M, indicating the number of months that lasts in good condition once opened.

If the hourglass symbol appears, it means that the product has 30 months to be used, whether it has been opened or not.

How to know if sunscreen has expired

If for whatever reason you are not sure about the expiration date, look at the following to know if the sunscreen has gone bad

– See if there is any change in color, texture, consistency, or odor.

– The watery consistencythe separation, the lumps or the small stones, the granularity or the sand of sunscreen indicate that it has expired.

How to store sunscreen from one year to the next

This is the best way to store sun cream bottles once they have been opened so that they maintain all their properties. They are the advice of the OCU, which has verified that sun protection is still effective a year later.

But in order to take advantage of last year’s boat it is important that you have properly preserved them. We tell you how.

1. Store sun creams in a dry, cool and dark place. You can use a drawer or cabinet, but never in the bathroom: humidity is a perfect environment for the appearance of mold.

two. Sun creams should be at a stable temperature about 22°C.

3. keep clean: Opening and closing the lid frequently or using the sunscreen with dirty hands can expose you to bacteria.

4. Important: remember that if the cream smells bad when you open the bottle, has changed color, or its texture is more liquidyou should throw it away. It is likely that it is not well preserved and has lost effectiveness.

Risks of using expired sunscreen

What happens to sunscreen that has expired is that its active ingredients have broken down and are no longer effective in protecting against UV rays.

There are two types of sunscreens: physical and chemical.

sunscreens physical, also called mineral sunscreens or sunblocks, contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. This type of sunscreen can stay stable longer due to its ingredients, but they also break down over time. When the sunscreen is expiredcan be more difficult to extend evenly across the skin, resulting in a uneven coverage and protection, according to MedicalNewsToday magazine.

sunscreens chemicals They contain UVB and UVA blockers. This type of sunscreen undergoes molecular changes when exposed to sunlight and heat. Although it may offer some protection, your FPS may not be that high like the one on your label.

Source: Lasexta

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