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A man was shot in front of his two children when he was in a mechanical workshop in the southwest of Guayaquil

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A man was shot when he was fixing his vehicle in a mechanical workshop located on 18th and Cuenca streets, in the southwest of Guayaquil.

The incident occurred at approximately 3:20 p.m. According to witnesses, several shots were heard that alarmed the neighbors. The residents of the sector arrived at the place and crowded around the workshop.

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They kill the owner of a chicken roaster who weeks ago had suffered damage from the detonation of explosives

Major Miguel Naranjo, deputy chief of the Portete district, indicated that the approximately 34-year-old man had been intercepted by an individual who came directly to shoot him.

“The individual gets off a motorcycle and proceeds to fire several shots from a firearm on his humanity,” he explained.

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Naranjo added that the victim’s body has four ballistic signs of entry, possibly from a revolver-type weapon.

Relatives of the victim arrived at the scene to find out details of the murder. Photo: The Universe

It was learned that the man was in the company of two of his children, who were not injured. The children were handed over to relatives.

The body of the deceased was recovered around 17:00.

The deputy chief of the Portete district explained that investigation tasks are being carried out to determine the causes of the murder. It is still being investigated if the deceased has a record or if he would have been threatened before.

The site was cordoned off by the Police to collect ballistic evidence and collect versions of witnesses. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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