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The sale of new and used clothing is leveraged in the live of social networks in Ecuador

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It’s an American blouse! It goes for ten dollars! “Write me to the WhatsApp number with the integral discount code”, “Shipping to all of Ecuador”. These are several of the phrases that are heard in live broadcasts made by merchants to sell new or used clothing. This sales format was driven by the pandemic and has been maintained over time.

Karen Quinde says that when the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 arrived, she had to close her store in the center of Guayaquil where she sold women’s clothing. Her home looked like a “warehouse” because of the merchandise she had bought: “I thought I would be stranded,” she says. However, her sister-in-law gave her the idea to start selling through social networks, especially Facebook.

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At first I was embarrassed to be in front of the cell phone, but as the days went by I got used to it”, he indicates. He comments that at first he asked his friends and family to watch the broadcasts and share them to generate community.

He adds that his quality products, which are imported from the United States, and the home delivery service gradually attracted customers and such was the success of his “entrepreneurship on-line” who hired his brother-in-law, who has a motorcycle, so that he can make deliveries in Guayaquil.

Meanwhile, Carmen Macías uses her living room to sell accessories such as handbags and jewelry. She, in her broadcasts, details the quality of her products. She also delivers nationwide, though the order must be over ten dollars. She comments that she started selling this way when she lost her job in 2020. Distraught about getting money to support her little children, she told her, she took her cell phone and started broadcasting.

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I saw that other people were doing this and I saw an opportunity. I invested in merchandise and started. I’m doing fine, but it’s tiring“, it states.

Sales through social media streams picked up momentum with the pandemic. Photo: Freepik

In broadcasts, vendors try on clothes, have mannequins and closets full of garments or accessories. The live ones usually last between two and five hours. Several of them have thousands of views and hundreds of comments from users looking to purchase a product. Garment raffles are also held among the people who share the broadcasts.

“It’s a way to motivate customers and also get more people to see your products. In each transmission I raffle a blouse, a jumpsuit or pants among the people who share, “says Macías.

Live sales calls or live shopping take advantage of the immediacy and interactions of the channels on-line to connect with buyers. In Ecuador there are no figures that show how much money moves through this channel or how many people buy through this means, but in countries like China 265 million users bought through live broadcasts as of 2020, according to the Institute of Strategy of cyberspace of that country.

According to an investigation by IResearch, purchases through this channel in China reached $66 billion in 2019 and $150 billion in 2020, and currently account for 20% of total purchases.

I like it because I can see people in real time while they try the products and I have the possibility to ask questions and receive answers instantly”, indicates María Intriago, who has already purchased several products through live broadcasts.

This type of strategy is also used by merchants who have physical premises in recognized areas such as the Bay in Guayaquil. There are clothing and appliance sellers who broadcast on social networks such as Facebook and TikTok to offer their products, notify about discounts or promotions.

Used clothing that is in excellent condition has also found a sales channel with this method. María Cisneros buys bundles of used clothing in good condition to resell through broadcasts on social networks.

These sales are different because there is a moment when it is more similar to an auction: “When I see that a garment is not accepted, I put a base price of 50 cents on it and whoever gives the most gets it and, for example, if only one person offered 50 cents, then they take the garmentCisneros says. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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