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The veterinarian told how to understand that the cat is sick

The veterinarian told how to understand that the cat is sick

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Cats cannot tell that they are not feeling well – but when they are palpable, they give different signals that may indicate an illness, the portal writes with reference to veterinarian Dmitry Popov.

As the specialist said, one of the main signals that your pet is sick is a change in his behavior. If a cat or cat meows louder and longer than usual, this may be a sign that the animal is stressed or in pain.

In addition, you should pay attention to the frequency of licking the animal. If cats do this more often than usual and pay special attention to a particular area on the body, this indicates that the pet is in pain in this place. Moreover, washing can not always be tracked, so it’s worth looking closely to see if bald patches or areas with thinned hair from too frequent licking have appeared on the animal’s body.

Also a clear sign of the disease is shortness of breath or situations when the cat breathes with its tongue hanging out. For felines, such breathing is atypical. The owner should be alarmed if an open and friendly pet suddenly begins to hide, and an unsociable one – to seek the owner’s attention. Another cat can often squint, and so that the third eyelid becomes noticeable.

In acute pain and health problems, cats usually have difficulty passing stools. You may notice that something is wrong with the pet if you pay attention to how he goes to the tray. If this takes a long time or the cat is lost in space and walks past the tray, this indicates that he has health problems. The expert emphasizes that emptying past the tray is a clear sign of diseases of the lower urinary tract. It is also worth paying attention if the type and volume of cat waste has changed.

And finally, additional Aggressive behavior, a dull look, and lethargy are also signs of a sick cat.

Source: Rosbalt

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