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France will double the supply of 155-mm shells for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

France will double the supply of 155-mm shells for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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France plans to double the number of 155-mm shells supplied to Ukraine, up to 2,000 per month. According to RBC with reference to Le Figaro, this was stated by the Minister of Defense of the country Sebastian Lecornu.

He noted that such volumes are necessary for the upcoming offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, Paris will also “very soon” deliver the SAMP / T air defense system promised to Ukraine, which “costs several hundred million euros,” the head of the French Ministry of Defense specified (quote from Le Point).

On March 16, the British The Telegraph, citing sources, wrote that France was slowing down the allocation of 2 billion euros by the European Union for military assistance to Ukraine. The EU is going to spend this money on the purchase of 1 million 155-mm shells for deliveries to Kyiv and to compensate for the depletion of stocks of member countries.

However, Paris requires that ammunition be produced only by defense enterprises in the EU, the newspaper’s interlocutors said. “Paris clearly prefers EU spending on its own industry to the support of Ukraine,” the source added.

Source: Rosbalt

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