The respected President José María Velasco Ibarra, in his speeches published under the title “The Mission and Essence of the Armed Forces”, presents reflections full of patriotism. In these moments that the country is going through, it is necessary to remind the enemies of democracy, peace and justice that they want the destruction of the country. The armed forces together with the people, covered by the national tricolor, say no to chaos, conspiracy, fratricidal struggle, terrorism, irresponsible and cowardly vandalism. Yes to unity, peace and justice.

running away from crime

The wise reflections of President Velasco, uttered decades ago, remain fresh, they serve as an encouragement to the members of the Armed Forces who fulfill their duty to the Motherland with dedication and loyalty:

“The hours we spend are dark hours. We must not deceive ourselves, these are the times when we do not know what is right and justice, what is reason and what is not. It is a time of Machiavellianism and chaos. It is necessary that we bravely overcome this hour”.

Not yet Pablo Escobar

“Soldiers, you are irreplaceable in the defense of the Republic, stability and peace in the country.”

“When some event happens, there is popular agitation, such popular confusion, which is palpable and you can see that the country is either destroyed or someone has to restore order.”

“Soldiers: because you are the soul of the Motherland, its life, that you are above trifles, distractions, ambitions and caudillos, you allow the civil forces to develop freely, to purify themselves, that public opinion rejects miserable ambitions and allows noble reactions, in search of what is fair, what is legal, what is free and what is fair.

Can I remember my country, Ecuador?

“By respecting the law of fighting for life, you are people who are doing their duty. I applaud you. But I ask that the vigorous use of your force, the invincible use of your arms, the heroic use of your bayonets, your airplanes, your ships, will be to sow in the human race a little brotherhood, to overcome the evil that prevents the triumph of goodness.”

“You, soldiers of the Ecuadorian armed forces, have been an obstacle to those who have always avoided fighting for their lives; certain rulers did not know what to do with you. You, saved by your soldierly spirit; you, quickened by your soldierly spirit; you, under the influence of a military education that makes you talk about honor, the flag, eternal values, to despise death; you, with some kind of spirit; others, with other kinds of spirit; you were for certain rulers, unproductive, insolent, and if they could not destroy you immediately, they tried to destroy you little by little, beginning by disowning you in the public eye. The people were not taught the law of struggle for life, so you were unproductive, and even a brake on the progress of the people according to the theory of those who wanted your destruction”.

“The armed forces of Ecuador are the very root of the homeland, its arm, its backbone of the Republic, its moral wall.” (OR)