It is very easy to fall for pessimism and hopelessness in the face of a serious situation in the country. The facts hit us on all fronts, and the most exhausting way is the way the political classes accuse each other and do not give a truce in the war that is being waged between UNES, PSC, the Government and the indigenous people – the protagonists for 22 years. – and there are also no tangible solutions to the problems facing millions.

Obviously for them, the unstoppable violence that used to be felt especially in Guayaquil and nearby cities such as Durán does not exist or is not important, and which is already affecting a good part of the country, especially Quito, with a wave of express kidnappings, attacks, violent robberies, reported by dozens.

“The crime of kidnapping and extortion can erode societies”: the head of Unase speaks about the rise of these crimes in Ecuador

For several weeks, Ecuador endured a heavy rainy season. The consequences are heard every day: road deterioration, landslides, road blocks, flooding of farmland, towns and villages, diseases caused by water accumulation, especially on the coast… Behind all this are thousands of people who need to be taken care of. .

To them are added injuries, deaths and those who were affected during the strong earthquake that affected cities such as Guayaquil, Machala or Cuenza. These hundreds, or rather thousands of people, will need attention not only immediately, but also in the medium and long term.

Quito will have 1,000 more police officers in May, the Minister of the Interior announces

Is our political class already thinking about alternatives to solve these problems? We know the answer very well: no. They are not moved by these tragedies or any other. Their priorities are not to look at the country, but to see how they are destroying it for the benefit of their own special goals.

They have not been interested in it for a long time because it is good for them that there are 15-year-old girls with two or more children, young people who do not study, people who do not have enough money for a decent life. They are interested in maintaining economic poverty and hope because they use it. They get choices with them, whatever you suggest, it’s enough that it sounds catchy and it’s contagious. Pure patronage.

Corruption scandals are nothing more than a way to stay in the limelight. Deep down they don’t hurt each other because they know each other too well. The removal or appointment of the president – whose environment has become a disgrace – is a very well-known and, above all, a well-calculated move for them, because that is our political class and that is how it works, and we are not doing much to change it.

That is why there is talk of hopelessness and conversations that talk about the aspirations of young people to leave and not return to Ecuador where they grew up, because the opportunities are diminishing. And it also leads men and women over the age of 45 to sometimes plan to start over, to try to see their future old age with some peace and stability.

If the political class is blind to this reality and is not capable, as has been shown for a long time, to build a fairer and more democratic society, as citizens we cannot give up. We must not only demand that they be cleaned up, but that they be rebuilt, for the good of the country and our democracy. (OR)