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Biden called the rapprochement between Russia and China “greatly exaggerated”

Biden called the rapprochement between Russia and China “greatly exaggerated”

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Russia or China should not be taken lightly, but their rapprochement against the background of the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping looks “greatly exaggerated.” Western countries have “much stronger alliances,” US President Joe Biden said during a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

According to the text of the speech, published on the White House website, Biden notes that “in 10 years, Russia and China have held 40 meetings,” and he himself has “met with 80% of the world’s leaders” over the past two years as president. He cited NATO, the G7, the Quad, and ASEAN as an example of close Western alliances.

Biden also asked reporters to give an example of what economic commitments China has made to Russia. When the journalist said that trade between China and Russia has increased, the American leader retorted: “Yes, their trade has increased, [но] compared to what?”

In addition, Biden recalled media publications and published intelligence data claiming that Beijing “is going to provide Russia with a significant amount of weapons,” and noted that China has not done this so far, and if Beijing and Moscow would get closer, then “The West has come together much stronger.”

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