During this week, there was great anxiety among those who believe that the arrival of an alien invasion of our planet is inevitable. He turns out to be a popular user TikTok (Eno Alaric) revealed late last year that an alien life form would arrive on Earth and take over the human race, stating that the invasion would begin on Thursday March 23rd and that only a small group of humans would be saved, thanks to the intervention of another alien known as “The Champion “, who was supposed to be in charge of selecting 8,000 people to take them to another habitable planet and thus save the human race from hostile invaders.

As panic and anxiety spread among the followers of the so-called time traveler, he had to expand on his revelation, clarifying that it was not that the Earth would end on March 23, but that it would be the date “The Champion” began. carry people to another planet, thus ensuring the salvation of these lucky ones. The informant also mentioned that the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was built by aliens and that now that they have returned they will be responsible for the first human battles in space, also ensuring that the 8,000 people who will be chosen will be “the best of the best to ensure survival Of course, all those who seriously believe in the possibility of the existence of some kind of extraterrestrial life rejected the speculations of this hoaxer, assuring that this type of news discredits the relevant information obtained in recent years from still unexplained phenomena.

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The interesting thing about the subject is that amid the usual skepticism, Speculations about who the aliens should take to this unknown planet began to circulate on social networks, and the echo was widespread in the countries of the region., “take the politicians away”. But if we ask politicians to be included in the group of 8000, wouldn’t we save them because that is the essence of interplanetary travel? “It doesn’t matter, let them go,” was the unanimous response on the networks. Someone in our country responded even more ingeniously with the statement that if the aliens arrived in our country, they would immediately leave, because when trying to save a member of the National Assembly, for example, they would immediately check that there was no hint of intelligent life .. in that complex and that, therefore, they would , decide to abort the invasion plan.

So, for now, we can understand that our planet has been saved from an alien invasion, even more so if we confirm that the expected outcome for March 23rd never happened. There was no interplanetary attack, extinction of the human race, saving 8,000 people, not to mention the possibility of something so gruesome happening in the near future. But well, let’s hope, if aliens come to our country, we invite them to the National Assembly and we already know what will happen. (OR)