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Bloomberg: Deliveries of champagne through Turkey to Russia increased by 182% in a year

Bloomberg: Deliveries of champagne through Turkey to Russia increased by 182% in a year

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The export of champagne from France last year increased by 75% in the UAE, while the flow of Russian tourists to the Emirates and Turkey also increased (by 120%), according to data from the industry association Comite Champagne. According to RBC with reference to Bloomberg, in parallel, according to Trade Data Monitor, last year the export of champagne from Turkey to Russia increased by 182%.

Trade Data Monitor did not rule out that many wine-buying countries could re-export them to Russia.

The fact that the influx of Russians in the UAE and other states of the Persian Gulf may be associated with an increase in sales of wines in this region, said co-chairman of the association of champagne producers L’Union des Maisons de Champagne David Chatillon.

According to him, the supply of wines to Russia is not under a complete ban, but Comite Champagne has not received requests from producers for certificates of origin for deliveries to Russia after February 24, 2022. Châtillon suggested that producers may not be willing to ship wines to Russia directly due to logistics, payment, insurance and reputational issues.

The European Union has banned the supply of wines worth more than 300 euros to Russia as part of the fourth package of international sanctions. Bottles of champagne are often cheaper.

Previously, in 2021, Russia was the 13th largest market for sparkling wines, importing 2.3 million bottles. In 2022, it dropped to 38th place, deliveries decreased by more than 80% – manufacturers sent about 435,000 bottles to Russia.

The largest consumers of wines in the world are France, the USA, Great Britain and Japan.

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