In August 2022, a powerful explosion occurred in the Cristo del Consuelo neighborhood. The attack that Sunday morning was not the first to happen in Ecuador, but it was the strongest that Guayaquil has experienced this century, with 5 dead, 17 injured and dozens of houses affected.

Since then, explosions – to a greater or lesser extent – have been repeated in the city in the face of the terror of citizens who were threatened by extortionists, gangs or murderers.

On August 13 and 14, this column asked for firmness in actions against the crime that bleeds Ecuadorians. Seven months have passed since that big explosion and it was the journalists’ turn.

On March 20, 2023, the USB Killer was detonated, fortunately without lethal force, as it is known, the explosive that arrived in a yellow envelope to Lenin Artieda, a journalist from Ecuavisa.

With the expression of solidarity with the communicator, brother television, as well as the other three recipients of these flash memories, which were detected in time after the Ecuavisa report or simply did not explode due to some malfunction, they once again demand that the state functions adhere to their obligation to guarantee the safety of all citizens.

The staff of Ecuavisa, Teleamazonas and TC Television evacuated because of envelopes with explosives

Attacks on journalists and all people who are victims of criminal offenses violate the rights to work and life. The right to information and to be informed of viewers, radio listeners, readers and digital audiences is violated when the work of communicators is threatened.

The concerns expressed by local and international unions are perfectly justified. The state must guarantee security and investigate, find those responsible and punish those who continue to sow chaos. Ecuadorians will not accept desolation and helplessness.

Doctors, carpenters, journalists, workers, housewives, engineers, graduates, all the inhabitants of this country deserve to work and walk in peace. (OR)