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The neurologist told how the new moon and full moon can affect the body

The neurologist told how the new moon and full moon can affect the body

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Neurologist Ksenia Ovsyannikova said that under the influence of the full moon, sleep can be disturbed, anxiety and other mental disorders increase. According to her, many people can feel how their condition changes during the new moon and full moon.

For example, when the Moon is visible only in the form of the thinnest month, the activity of the body is low, a person feels a lack of energy, tone.

“During the new moon, the general tone of the body is reduced, drowsiness is felt, increased fatigue, mitochondrial insufficiency is aggravated, there is a loosening of the stool,” Ovsyannikova noted.

In this phase of the moon, the neurologist added, poisoning often occurs or conditions occur, accompanied by nausea and diarrhea. People who have chronic diseases, whose body is weakened, may complain of poor health.

According to Ovsyannikova, on the new moon you need to be more careful with your body, give it more rest and clean water, and not burden it with heavy food.

The expert also spoke about the effect of the full moon on the body:

“During the full moon, night sleep is disturbed, which causes drowsiness during the day. This phase of the moon is also characterized by anxiety, mental exacerbations, panic attacks, headache, ”she emphasized. At this time, it is best to take walks in the fresh air, this has a positive effect on brain function.

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