Someone sent me a video of a man wearing a white cap and shirt of the same color engraved with three words in large letters, combining white with dark gray, almost black. Those words are Lírica Urbano Explicita, which is a brand that arose from the reception of urban music. Those who compose it, practice it and enjoy it consider it a cultural expression that expresses street life and its reality with its themes and its rhythm.

I’m not an expert on urban music, I know, yes, that it has caused controversy because some believe that it promotes anti-values, and others that it only expresses reality. Anyway, that’s not the topic of this article, that’s its content.

Drug Addiction: The Epidemic of the Modern Age

There is an implicit message in the text, which is the need of young people to find artistic or sports spaces…

The character in the video expresses himself like this:

Dear parents, you don’t want your child to sit on an axe, Mickey Mouse, a gun, graduations, cocaine, heroin… and so much crap that exists to kill the mind and soul? Keep this in mind, the peeling is not damaged because you grew it in Guasmo, in Barrio Cuba, in Trinitaria, the Malvinas, Santa Ana hill, Batallón, Socio Vivienda, Cerro del Carmen… because if you go to the big private citadels, there are also drug addicts and criminals even though they were born in a golden cradle.

“There are strong drugs that the young people of Guayaquil mix, and they don’t know the damage they do”

Gentlemen, the problem comes from homes and that is something real, there is something that is the mother of all vices, and that is laziness and a lazy young man joins a few lazy people and then bad thoughts come and bad thoughts come bad deeds and from them come regrets, which you already know.

And there is something very important, young people are not born lazy, we make them that way and the laws are to blame or there is a law that forbids you to force a child to pick up a hammer, a saw, an axe. and you, as a mother, teach your daughter to wash her own panties instead of showing her body in fishnets. It is true that we have a government that invests less and less in health, housing, education, arts, sports and security, but education comes from home and in the end, you as a parent learn to elect better governments.

Unfortunately, I do not know the author’s name, but I apologize because there are parts that I did not catch well and could not reproduce verbatim. But I couldn’t resist the temptation to share with you, dear readers, what reality is told with the tone and infectious rhythm and spontaneity of urban music.

I think that what the protagonist of the video I am referring to does not need to be expanded or explained, but I also believe that it helps us to get closer to that reality that is seen and shown by someone who is alive and which, without a doubt, helps to better we understand.

There is an implicit message in the text, which is the need of young people to find artistic or sports spaces, where they can develop their interests and qualities, and civil society can do a lot in this regard. (OR)