The Government’s intention to demand the active participation of the majority of taxpayers in their contribution to the state treasury through taxes will not pass because of the chaotic tax system in the country.

On the one hand, it is intended to implement a tax culture that requires the majority of citizens to actively participate as taxpayers; but, on the other hand, contradictory regulations are issued:

According to the decree of the SRI, taxi drivers are obliged to pay bills electronically from November 30, but they face a number of inconveniences that they must respect, such as the fact that the implementation of the billing system is demanding for them because they must have a mobile phone – at least range, payment for good Internet bandwidth, obtaining an electronic signature and the consequent application of electronic invoicing (for the latter two, the costs vary from company to company and due to ignorance, taxi drivers have no guarantee that they meet the requirements required by the SRI) and risk that their billing will not be confirmed since the requirement is for billing to be done via digital of a taximeter approved by the National Transport Agency, a body that has not fulfilled its obligation to issue regulations despite the fact that the deadline set in the Act has already expired.

The SRI freely places taxpayers in the general regime or in the Rimpe regime, going so far as to say that whoever is in this, if they have activities under the general regime, must “submit applications for both regimes”. How could ordinary citizens comply if they could barely defend themselves with cell phone technology? This implies that they have to turn to professionals, which represents an additional cost.

How will we citizens be encouraged to be formal taxpayers if, as in my case and many people with disabilities, we respect tax obligations, but CSR does not fulfill its part of returning the values ​​corresponding to the deductions?, despite the fact that the request in question has been submitted, or on the proportional part of the VAT for which they ask that the first claim be submitted personally regardless of our disability? (OR)

Luis Vizuete Santos, business engineer, Guayaquil