I believe that this painful reality, present for many decades, if not centuries ago, could be avoided if there was a culture of true teaching by the state, and thus by society (homes) where one learns and grows up how to be cheerful, happy, amused, happy, you don’t need any alcoholic drink, name it (brandy, beer, rum, wine, champagne, cognac, whiskey, etc.); because happiness comes from the spirit, from the inner joy of every person who has the joy of being alive, healthy, strong, useful, knowing that we are children of one God, that He blesses and protects us with his infinite love of the Almighty Father.

Man created the drink to delight those who deviate from his path and follow the paths of pleasure, wealth and power. That’s how they are exploited by the owners of alcoholic beverage companies whose pockets are full of money.

People who suffer from alcoholism and are addicted to drink are forced to consume that drink at the lowest price and anywhere, because there are those who do not mind making a preparation with toxic substances that the consumer does not notice in his obsession with drink. and drink, therefore mortality occurs for those who ingest these improper preparations.

The authorities often turn a blind eye to this, so the punishment is never carried out because the victims do not have the means to initiate proceedings against those responsible for the tragedies of the relatives of drunkards. (OR)

Manuel Estalin Cañizares Villamar, professor, Daule

There is an urgent need to delve into learning and practicing values ​​and principles that are being forgotten under the pretext that we have to live in the present era.

If there is a law, it must be applied, determine the sanctions according to the crime committed and make regulations that are in line with reality, in order to avoid deaths from these causes. In addition, it would be important to review that the bodies designated for said controls have the necessary eligibility to occupy these positions and that the population is educated so that they become aware of what they should not do, for the benefit of themselves and the community. Ecuadorian community. (OR)

José E. Ortoneda Sánchez, Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí