Farm Marko

Not. With distance work, first, and then with face-to-face work, the teacher is a ‘slave’ with no time to rest.

A teacher, a teacher, has a lot of unsolved tasks that he has to do and takes them home to complete, he does not get special compensation for extra hours of work. Because of this, they become resentful and the students have to put up with tired and frugal teachers. (OR)

Jose Ortoneda

Even if the working hours of teachers were extended, everything would be the same. What happens is that there are many teachers, but there are few teachers. The teacher adheres to the dictation of his classes and nothing else, instead a real teacher cares about his students, that they learn, that they are trained; control their health status, whether or not they have problems, whether they are good or bad with their parents; if they eat well, etc. A teacher is a substitute for parents at school, he conscientiously guides his students to be good people in the family, society and homeland.

A teacher or a teacher with exquisite honesty should not spend many hours, but those necessary for his students to grasp their teachings and be able to put them into practice, which is ultimately what matters. You have to monitor student behavior every day, you don’t wait for the final exam to find out what is happening with your students; invites them to play sports, to guide them. A professor or teacher in the current system brings work home, wakes up grading tests, preparing classes for the next day, eats in a hurry at the risk of developing an ulcer from the pace of work, not expecting overtime pay; all in order to fulfill and keep his job. New short-term training must be implemented that does not cover only general cultural subjects and will not be of great use in the profession to be attended; and to teach and practice ethical, social, civic and religious values, in order to fight crimes such as corruption, drug addiction, hired killers, etc. (OR)

Nilton Gamarra Y.

These so-called educational laws are passed by people without knowledge of the educational reality. They only cover lazy, undisciplined students and teachers are overworked without good pay. (OR)