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The psychologist called ten ways that will help you feel happier

The psychologist called ten ways that will help you feel happier

The psychologist called ten ways that will help you feel happier

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According to the psychologist of the online school of psychological professions “Psychodemia” Alexandra Titareva, if you want to make your life happier, you should not immediately radically change everything – instant positive changes happen only in the cinema. But you can gradually try to change what you don’t like or what bothers you.

According to Dr. Peter, a psychologist has suggested 10 ways that will help you feel happier in the long run.

1. Give up constant criticism and learn to forgive yourself. If you constantly kick yourself, reward yourself with unpleasant epithets, especially focusing on your mistakes and mistakes, life will not only not be sweet, but may even become unbearable.

2. Never compare yourself to others and to your old self. Your experience and the conditions in which you are and have been cannot be exactly the same as those of others. And what was possible before does not mean that it can be achievable again: you are not at the same point as then.

3. Notice small successes. It is highly desirable to notice that in life there is a place not only for sorrows and sufferings, but also for slow achievements, small successes and quiet victories. And if you focus not on problems, but on solutions, life really becomes easier.

4. Make plans for the future. Don’t put off making decisions until the last minute. There are always risks in life. And if you do not make decisions for a long time, guilt, boredom, anxiety and any other negative emotions will be constant companions of an unbearable existence.

5. Rest more often in nature. Take time to relax in nature and really relax when you get out of the city or to some park. Restoration of the body occurs when calm comes and there is a good rest.

6. Spend your free time with whoever you want. Even if not with family and friends. Do not deny yourself such a pleasant bonus as communication, especially with those who understand, accept and support you.

7. Do what you like several times a week. Do not bring yourself to the state of a “driven horse.” It’s simple: if you live only according to the prescribed rules and in a state of “must”, there will never be time for your affairs. And consequently, there will be no energy to step further in the right direction.

8. Find an activity that will not harm your health. Excessive intense training can only make things worse and lead to irreversible consequences.

9. Give up frequent drinking. Try to get rid of habits that not only spoil your health, but also interfere. Under the influence of alcohol, it is very easy to commit acts, because of which you will then have to worry or regret what you have done.

10. Do not let your health condition take its course. Remember, the resources of our body are not unlimited. And there are not as many diseases that go away on their own over time, as we would like.

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