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Discipline and leadership, among the qualities that an entrepreneur must possess

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Before creating a business there are several factors to take into account to make it successful. In addition to capital, which is an important need to invest in a start-up business, people who want to dedicate themselves to running a venture must have skills that allow them to carry it out.

Most of the time, potential businesses remain as ideas or dreams in people’s minds, especially if there are organizational or discipline problems. These qualities are known as soft skills and help in the consolidation of a successful business.

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Rolando Pazmiño, Rector of the Techno-Ecuadorian Institute, explains that “every entrepreneur must know what are the essential soft skills they need and how to work on them if they do not have them. In the same way, and no less important, are the basic technical knowledge required to open a business and manage it over time, since both aspects complement each other”.

GETTY IMAGES Among the most important skills is leadership.

As the main technical skills that are needed from an entrepreneur are commercial qualities, technological vision, human resources and planning capacity. What are soft skills?

These are the skills you need to develop a business:


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The first step in creating a business or entrepreneurship is to be clear about the objective and the path that you want to follow. Discipline is what is applied to stick to the goal and focus on it consistently. Without discipline it is easy to neglect the needs of the project and eventually forget about it.


A leader not only stands up for his team, but also guides and motivates them to achieve goals. Leadership requires discipline and mental strength, making decisions and enforcing them.



Whoever believes that by having the technical knowledge they are ready to manage a business is wrong. In each project there are usually obstacles along the way that are due to external factors and someone must be prepared to assume those failures, errors or inconveniences and re-emerge the next day with more force than before.


The project leader must be assertive and encourage this quality among his team. Assertiveness is the ability to communicate accurately, bluntly, and without offending others. It takes a lot of analysis to be assertive, specifically to think twice before acting or responding.

emotional intelligence

Being able to control negative emotions and encourage positive ones is a great technique for people who participate in or lead a project. In a pressured environment, arguments between team members are inevitable. It is normal, because they are all human. However, having emotional intelligence allows you to first understand feelings before transmitting them to others in the wrong way.

Source: Eluniverso

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