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Man was killed while sitting on a sidewalk in the Manta neighborhood

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The murder of Alejandro Misael Bravo Gámez, 29, took place in the sector known as El Hueco in the La Paz neighborhood, in the east of Manta. Two men who were traveling on a motorcycle arrived at the place where the victim was sitting on a sidewalk to shoot him several times.

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The detonations alarmed the residents of this sector on the night of Monday, July 4. The only thing they observed was Bravo’s body lying on the sidewalk where he had arrived minutes before.

Five shell casings with bullets and one deformed were found at the scene, said Pedro Pihuave, prosecutor on duty in Manta, who said that it will also be analyzed whether the victim was carrying a weapon at the time of being attacked, as some local residents pointed out.

A man who was going to pick up a cell phone was shot in the Manta sector

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Among the versions that were heard on Monday night was that Bravo, presumably, managed to notice the arrival of the two people on a motorcycle and allegedly tried to take out the weapon he had, but his perpetrators were faster and shot him several times. , including in the head.

Ricardo Yánez, chief of operational coordination for the Manta police district, stated that Bravo had four criminal records, including robbery and involvement in crimes.

They shoot at a man who worked in an automobile workshop in Manta

“The citizen (murdered), was outside, in this sector -on the sidewalk-, he lived near where he was murdered,” said Yánez.

This crime increased the violent deaths reported in Manabí to 196 so far in 2022. In 2021, some 197 people died violently in this province. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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