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Nueva Prosperina, Portete and Pascuales, the districts with the highest growth in violent deaths in the first semester

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Despite the state of emergency decreed this year and the increase in uniformed personnel assigned to Zone 8 (Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón), violent deaths continue to increase in this territory.

Only over the weekend twelve cases were reported in Guayaquil. From a woman found handcuffed in the death canal, at least ten hit men in different sectors, a victim of a violent assault in the south and a patient from a rehabilitation clinic who was allegedly beaten to death when he tried to escape from the center .

A young man was beaten to death in La Fragata inside a clandestine rehabilitation center. Photo Carlos Barros – The Universe. Photo: The Universe
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Every day, on average, 3 or 4 people are murdered in this territory, where most of the drugs that pass through national territory have also been seized.

85% of deaths in Zone 8 occur precisely due to turf wars for the sale of drugs, just 8% due to robberies and the rest due to different causes such as interpersonal disputes and femicides, according to Police data.

Until this July 4, 701 murders have been recorded in Zone 8, which implies an increase of 405 more cases than last year, when to date there were only 296 murders.

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But not only has this figure increased, this crime has also migrated from sector to sector.

In 2021, the sector with the highest number of murders was the South district (Guasmos), now that reality has changed, as there are other districts that report higher percentage increases.

The Nueva Prosperina district is an example of this reality. Last year, until July 4, 37 murders were reported in that territory. This year there is an increase of 270%, there are already 138 violent deaths.

In the Portete district there was also a high increase, the number of murders rose 189%, from 27 to 78 cases.

In Pascuales there were 186% more cases. It went from 28 to 82 violent deaths.

In Esteros (Trinitaria) they went from 30 murders to 84. This is 163% more than last year. In fact, just over the weekend there were five cases in that district.

In Durán, a sector that was intervened last year due to the number of murders, this year has an increase of 121%. In 2021 there were 33 crimes, while so far in 2022 there are already 73.

Until July 4, 2021 in Durán, 33 murders were reported; in 2022 there are already 73 cases. At least 12 decapitated have been found in recent months.

In the South district there are 70% more cases than last year. From 64 in 2021 it went to 108 in 2022. The district chief, José Luis Erazo, said that considering the general increase, the situation has been controlled to a certain extent.

Colonel William Bohórquez, chief in charge of the Violent Deaths Unit (Dinased), assured that the victims are mostly young men, who in some cases in the system do not reflect criminal records because they have committed crimes as minors and the law does not Allows you to view your record.

At the national level, the increase in murders is also alarming. From 956 cases reported until July 4, 2021, it went to 2,060 cases so far in 2022.

The provinces with the most cases are:

Guayas: from 405 to 913

· Emeralds: from 62 cases to 241

Los Ríos: from 66 to 178 cases

El Oro: from 72 to 136 murders

· Santo Domingo: from 25 cases to 59

Cañar: from 21 to 44 cases

· Saint Helena: from 19 to 42

The murder of women has doubled

More and more women die victims of armed attacks due to criminal violence at the national level.

Last week, a mother and daughter were shot on their way home. It happened in an urbanization located next to the Judicial Police. That same week two more women were murdered in Guayaquil.

The handcuffed body of a woman was found in the death canal last Saturday. Photo FILE

This year, 130 women have been murdered nationwide, 65 of them for organized crime. In Guayas there have been at least 44 of these cases. The figure for the first half of 2022 already almost exceeds what was reported in 2021 from January to December.

That year, 197 women were killed in Ecuador, 67 of them for organized crime. These figures, compiled by Fundación Aldea, reveal that 70% of women have been shot to death and 13% stabbed.

In addition, the foundation warns that every 31 hours a woman is murdered in the country. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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