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The most iconic jewels in history

The most iconic jewels in history

The jewelry They have captured the attention of thousands of people, however, some have striking and even horror stories. Even so, they do not manage to lose their charm and continue to be in the sights of celebrities.

“An illustrious past can add enormous value to a jewel, even more so if that previous owner was extremely glamorous and had built a collection of jewels, such as Princess Margaret or Elizabeth Taylor.r,” said Helen Molesworth, curator of jewelery at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

That is why the BBC recalled the ten most iconic jewels in history.

Attallah’s Cross

The striking cross of kim kardashian made with 5.2-carat diamonds, it was created in the 1920s by the London jeweler Garrard.

It was one of the princess’s favorites Diana of Walesbut it never belonged to her, but was lent to her by the owner and close friend of the princess and only allowed her to wear it.

Molesworth stated that Kardashian is a suitable owner for the piece.

The black diamond Orlov

It is a cushion-shaped stone of 67.49 carats and with a chilling legend. It was stolen from an idol of the Hindu god Brahma in India.

It is said that the gem is cursed and caused the death of the thief and the suicide of three owners: among them the Russian princess Nadia Vygin-Orlov, one of her relatives and JW Paris, the merchant who brought her to the United States.

However, the story has been questioned, as they believe it is unlikely that the diamond came from India and that said Russian princess existed.

To remove the supposed curse, the diamond was recut to create three individual gems.

the pilgrim pearl

It is an impressive pear-shaped pearl found in Panama. It is one of the most perfect pearls in the world.

The 50.56-carat pearl was initially purchased by Philip II Spain for his wife, the queen Mary I of England.

It then went on to be bought by actor Richard Burton for Elizabeth Taylor. This was sold by Christie’s New York auction house in 2011 for US$11,842,5000, making it the most expensive pearl at auction.

the hope

It is an intense blue diamond named after its owners. It is the largest known diamond of its kind.

“When exposed to ultraviolet light, it glows blood red,” Arabella Hiscox, Christie’s jewelery specialist, told the BBC.

Wallis Simpson Panther Bracelet

The king Edward VII he abdicated the british lathe to be with the socialite wallis simpson. Then he gave her this famous bracelet made by Cartier.

It is adorned with diamonds and emeralds. It was also worn by Madonna while she was shooting the film about Simpson’s life, and the piece was later sold at auction for US$5.4 million, but the identity of the buyer was never known.

The Koh-i-Noor Diamond

It is one of the largest diamonds in the world with 105.6 carats and is one of the most controversial of the British Crown. It is believed that it was extracted in southern India in medieval times, but due to looting it is believed that it passed through the hands of various rulers in bloody episodes.

It is so that after several years he came to Queen Victoria. She this she appeared again where she was teased for her dullness, so she took a polish.

The stone now adorns the late Queen Mother’s crown, but the governments of India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan have all called for the piece’s return.

Marie Antoinette’s ring

The French queen ranks high on the list of jewelry owners. She had dozens of pieces, but in her hand was the small life ring for the queen.

“It has the letters MA in diamonds and inside it is a lock of hair from Marie Antoinette”, commented Arabella Hiscox of Christie’s.

The sale estimate was between $8,500 to $10,600, but it sold for 50 times as much.

The stone from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

The famous diamond because the actress wore it audrey hepburn for film photos.

It is a yellow diamond, worse than having a problem having been worn by only four women to date: a socialite Mary Whitehouse, Hepburn, Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

Queen Victoria’s crown

One of the most symbolic treasures in the jewelery collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was made by Joseph Kitching and one of the most prized possessions of Victory during all his life.

When she was young she wore it as a diadem closed in her chignon and when she was in mourning, she wore it as a widow’s cap.

Napoleon’s diamond necklace

The design was made by the jeweler Etienne Nitot and Sons of Paris. It had 234 diamonds: 28 old mine cut diamonds, nine pendeloques and 10 briolettes.

All these stones came from India or Brazil and have an extraordinary crystalline quality.

Before the fall of Napoleonthe jewels returned to Vienna and passed through several hands, but their whereabouts are unknown to this day.

Source: Gestion

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