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Military guard Puyo after property damage due to acts of vandalism; neighbors woke up guarding businesses and houses

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Protecting themselves with logs in case of being attacked, contacting through social networks, sounding alarms if they observed the presence of strangers. This is how residents of various neighborhoods and sectors of Puyo were distributed, between Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, one day after the acts of vandalism that occurred in this city, which caused damage to public and private property.

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This was observed in sectors such as Ceslao Marín street, the Centro Obrero, El Chofer citadel and other places near the center of Puyo, as a measure to protect commercial premises that were looted and houses, whose residents remained in anxiety the night of the Tuesday June 21.


“We are implementing a kind of self-defense to avoid excesses, and also to be attentive to threats that we received yesterday (Tuesday). And today, Wednesday, we are here with the neighbors,” said a resident of Ceslao Marín Street.

He, like other residents and owners of commercial premises, were protected with t-shirts or balaclavas to avoid being identified by any protester.

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In Puyo there are businesses that suffered looting in the midst of riots; residents refer that they were moments of tension

In another sector, a merchant said that they had held talks with some leaders of indigenous organizations or nationalities from Pastaza, and indicated that they agreed that public property should not be attacked.

Another merchant said that on Wednesday morning he received threats from a foreigner. “Union make force. We are not committing illegal acts defending Puyo, which is practically lawless. (We are) hopeful that tranquility will return to this city,” said the merchant.

Since Wednesday afternoon, Puyo has been under the control of elements of the Armed Forces, recognized Stalin Ramos, governor of Pastaza, who added that until now the military will remain until the Defense and Interior ministries order it.

Wow, PASTAZA. The building and assets of the Red Cross in this city suffered damage after the excesses of last Tuesday. Photo: Taken from the website El Observador Weekly

“Guarantee order… Peace and public order: that is what has been expressed to the leaders. We have mainly worked on that,” Ramos said.

Eight-hour dialogue allowed agreements in Puyo to make the passage of food more flexible and the delivery of two detained policemen

Marlon Montenegro, commander of the 50th Jungle Battalion of Morona, stated that they are there to restore public order, and they began with the control of weapons, ammunition and explosives, in operations that were deployed throughout the city of Puyo, to which Added to this is the constant patrolling directed at those who intend to carry out criminal activities.

“(The controls) are going to be at different times of the day. We want the population to return to their normal activities, to return to their jobs, for normalcy to be restored in Puyo,” Montenegro said.

This Thursday, elements of the Fire Department carried out cleaning of the streets of the areas affected by the disturbances on Tuesday; while some merchants also began to open their premises, some to clean or remove broken glass left by Tuesday’s protest, and others pending what can be rescued after these acts of vandalism.

Personnel from the Municipality of Puyo also collaborated with the cleaning minga in the streets of this city, removing material, such as stones and burned cobblestones.

Oswaldo Zúñiga, mayor of Puyo, highlighted the support work of the military in the city, although he acknowledged that due to the stoppages, works were also suspended in various urban and rural sectors of the capital of Pastaza.

The garbage collection system was reactivated this Thursday, but Zúñiga acknowledged that the lack of fuel would cause this service to be rescheduled and done even every two days, asking the public for understanding.

The shortage of gasoline caused fuel to be withdrawn from the Municipality’s dump trucks that were relocated, in order to provide fuel to the garbage collection cars. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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