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Residents of the Voronezh region were asked not to write in social networks about emergency situations

Residents of the Voronezh region were asked not to write in social networks about emergency situations

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The government of the Voronezh region asked residents in the event of an “emergency situation” not to write about what happened on the Internet. As RBC reports, a memo for the population and media resources was published on the Telegram channel of the authorities.

It is not specified in the memo what exactly the situations in question are.

Officials assured that the situation in the region remains completely under control, but indicated that cases of the spread of fakes on the Web have become more frequent.

“To maintain public peace and to help our troops, we kindly ask you to follow the simple rules for publishing information on the Web,” the message says.

First of all, the government was asked “not to harm our troops and not to help the enemy.” Therefore, in the event of an “emergency situation”, one should wait for official information from the authorities. Residents are also required not to publish information about infrastructure facilities such as substations, water stations, power lines, businesses or military installations, which “may serve as a guide for the enemy,” as well as provide coordinates.

In addition, the population is asked not to report anything that may “appear to be the work of air defense with reference to the area.” With the exception of messages from official sources, “do not post photos / videos with the military, their equipment, their vehicles, military infrastructure (trenches, fortifications, transport columns, etc.),” the memo says.

In addition, you should not indicate the settlement if Russian troops were seen in it.

The authorities noted that they were sympathetic to “possible anxious moods of individual Voronezh residents,” but recalled the responsibility for spreading fakes. “With a calm, balanced attitude to your own behavior on the Internet, you help our military and do not give any information to the enemy,” the officials concluded.

Source: Rosbalt

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