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Police investigate the connection of two men found dead in Guayaquil estuaries

One of the bodies, the one that appeared on the island of Trinitaria, was tied to a bag of stones; the other was discovered near Las Locks.

In less than four hours, divers from the Special Operations Group (GOE) were notified of two bodies floating in the Salado estuary. The uniformed men went to two sectors in the south of Guayaquil to rescue the human remains and look for signs in the water.

The first alert was given by the neighbors of the Fragata, just in front of the Trinitaria island. Around 06:00, the discovery of a lifeless man was reported floating under the first bridge of the Perimetral road.

The inhabitants of the area said that they saw some legs that floated in the estuary and that some fishermen who were going out to work dragged them towards the shore.

The residents commented that the corpse had a sack of stones tied around its neck, so half of the body remained under water.

Police teams arrived in the area after the public alert for the appearance of the body.

Colonel Pablo Fajardo, of the National Police, explained that the man had been thrown into the water approximately twelve hours ago and that the current had dragged him to that area of ​​the estuary.

Police personnel inspected the man’s body in order to clarify the circumstances of his death.

The victim was wearing a red shirt and underwear and is presumed to be between 45 and 50 years old. It was not yet in a state of decomposition.

The body was extracted from the water and transferred to the morgue of the Judicial Police, around 10:00, as it was necessary for two divers to arrive to remove the body from the water with the grid. The bag with material that served as a counterweight was also extracted from the estuary.

Hours later, another lifeless body was seen by Las Locks workers floating in the water. Although the divers quickly arrived because they were close, the body was swept away by the current and members of the Fire Brigade had to arrive to undertake a search.

After almost two hours, they located him near a small pier in the southern Guasmo. The agents took the body to the La Caraguay dock, where the lifting was carried out.

That body was in an advanced state of decomposition, so it is presumed that it had been in the water for several days. Also, he was in all his clothes, he even had shoes.

The Police do not rule out or confirm that both deceased are related. They hope to identify them as soon as possible with the missing persons reports and fingerprints.

So far this year, in Zone 8 (Guayaquil, Samborondón and Durán) at least 565 violent deaths have been reported.

Gunshot Wounded Woman

On Thursday night in the suburb of Guayaquil, at 29 and Rosendo Avilés, there was a shooting and a woman was shot. She was taken to the Marianita de Jesús Hospital, located one block from where she was shot. There he recovers.

Minutes later, two men were arrested at 38 and D for allegedly being involved in the attempted hired assassin. (I)

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