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RBC: Experts spoke about the shift of the Arabian plate during the earthquake in Turkey

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Seismic activity due to the displacement of the Arabian plate (geographically corresponds to the Arabian Peninsula) by 3 meters from the Anatolian (continental tectonic plate, which is almost all located in Turkey) will affect other other parts of the plate, RBC reports with reference to the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, geophysicist, seismologist Anna Lyusina.

According to the expert, there was a voltage drop on one of the parts of the plate. “Accordingly, the whole slab has become active, and this activity is spreading to other parts of the slab. <…> That is, the redistribution of stresses can lead to new earthquakes appearing in fairly remote areas,” Lyusina explained.

A similar opinion was expressed by the lead researcher of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and the National Research Center Guido Ventura. According to him, you need to monitor the aftershocks after the earthquake in Turkey and see “what will be the migration of tremors.” Ventura noted that earthquakes may occur in the Dead Sea region and in Iraq, but this will be clear only after observing seismic activity in the region.

Earlier, the president of the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Carlo Doglioni, spoke about the shift of the Arabian plate by 3 meters. According to him, “at least a 150-kilometer section of the fault with a displacement of up to 3 m or more became more active.” “In other words, it is as if Turkey has shifted in relation to the Arabian plate to the southwest,” Doglioni explained.

Source: Rosbalt


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