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Guayaquil registers a low activity in the center this Monday after elections that put a new mayor in the Olmedo chair

Guayaquil registers a low activity in the center this Monday after elections that put a new mayor in the Olmedo chair

Far from the usual bustle of a weekday Monday, Guayaquil woke up with a calm characteristic of a holiday. After the electoral process that the country experienced yesterday, Sunday, this Monday, February 6, was decreed as a recoverable holiday in both the public and private sectors.

Darío de la S. Anchundia, who is dedicated to shining shoes, toured the Administration Square after 09:00.

At that time, he had earned $2.25 in income (he charges $0.75 for each polish), a value that he considers “good” for a Monday off.

The Municipality of Guayaquil is closed; there is no attention from any service. Mayor Cynthia Viteri, who was seeking re-election, lost to Aquiles Álvarez, who ran for correísmo.

Aquiles Álvarez, the former sports leader and gas station entrepreneur who will manage a city with a budget of more than $700 million

Taking advantage of the low turnout, Lina Agusto, who lives in the center of the city, took her dog, Marcella, for a walk near the town hall headquarters.

Usually she leaves earlier (07:30) with her pet, but this time she did it after 09:00, since she hoped there would be a little more people at that time and not walk through the very desolate streets.

This is how the basement of the Municipal Palace was this Monday morning. Jorge Guzman Photo: The Universe

On the Simón Bolívar Malecón and in the Seminario Park, the people who were there at 09:30 were counted.

At the second site, a family photographed the iguanas.

In Bahía, the modules and stores located on Calle Villamil began to open at 09:30. Businesses selling cell phones and accessories, and items such as fans and air conditioners, were among the first to open.

In the Central Guayas specialty center, of the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS), there was normal care, as the entity had announced in relation to all its centers.

“See, they have attended; well would have come I get myself treated here,” exclaimed a user as she passed through Villamil and Alberto Reyna streets, where the medical center is located, where there were few patients this morning.

With more than 90% of the minutes scrutinized, Correísmo prevails over Social Christianity in the Guayaquil Mayor’s Office and the Guayas Prefecture

The Efrén Jurado day hospital, on Eloy Alfaro street, south of Guayaquil, also received patients.

Contrary to what happened yesterday during the sectional elections, in the central streets and in the immediate vicinity of public institutions there was no vehicular traffic or people, as classes were suspended for today.

Starting at 10:00, when the day began to get hot and the light drizzle that fell ended, some residents of the southwest installed removable pools on the sidewalks to enjoy the day off. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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