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The expert explained how to recognize a stroke before the first manifestations

The expert explained how to recognize a stroke before the first manifestations

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Acute dizziness, unsteadiness, difficulty swallowing, difficulty recognizing or understanding spoken language, fainting or loss of consciousness, blurred vision, double vision, acute headache, forgetfulness and amnesia, epileptic seizures, discomfort behind the sternum, sensations of interruptions in heart rhythm , pressure instability – all these signs can indicate a condition preceding a stroke.

As neurologist Igor Matsokin told Prime, cerebrovascular accident, or stroke, is a clinical syndrome in which there is a violation of any brain function due to impaired blood supply to the brain.

The neurologist pointed out that the range of symptoms is very wide and varied. Often this is a loss of some function. For example, loss of limb strength, not twitching, loss of sensation, not tingling.

“It is important to notice these neurological symptoms in time, especially those that are “transient” in nature, and immediately consult a doctor,” Matsokin warns. These signs can indicate various diseases, only a specialist can figure it out and make the correct diagnosis.

The doctor reminded that the pre-stroke state and the stroke itself do not occur just like that. This is always a complication, usually caused by atherosclerosis, heart disease and blood pathology.

“If there is weakness in the arm, leg or half of the body, facial asymmetry, it is difficult for a person to speak and understand speech, vision is partially or completely lost, immediately call an ambulance at numbers 103 or 112. These are already symptoms of a stroke,” Matsokin warned.

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