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Elections 2023: 100% of the country’s electoral receiving boards were installed on Sunday

Elections 2023: 100% of the country’s electoral receiving boards were installed on Sunday

The National Electoral Council (CNE), when carrying out a first balance of the electoral day at 10:30, affirmed that the process is carried out with absolute normality at the national level and that 100% of the polling stations were installed.

Lhe novelties that were presented at the beginning of the day, according to the president of the CNE, Diana Atamaint, It was a delay of half an hour in the installation of 53% of the polling stations. And after three and a half hours from the beginning of the voting, 10% of the voters exercised their right to vote.

National Electoral Council inaugurates the 2023 elections; Authorities expressed their concern over the assassination of a candidate in Manabí

After reiterating his condemnation for the acts of violence registered on the eve of election day in the Puerto López canton, in Manabí, he reported that the electoral security table is permanently active in order to protect the order and security of the process.

The Vice President of the CNE, Enrique PitaOn the other hand, he was in charge of informing that 70.88% of the JRVs nationwide are made up of the five main members, which he said guarantees an efficient day; that only 24.42% were integrated with alternate members; 3.22% with alternate members from other tables and only 1.48% of meetings were made up of people who were in the lines of the precincts.

Counselor José Cabrera, in the first balance of the day, highlighted that 71.13% of the receiving boards were installed with the presence of delegates from political organizations; in 5.25% of meetings there were international observers at the time the process started; 18.14% of tables had national observers; while 5.49% of meetings had delegates from social organizations. (YO)

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