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Jewelry, suitcases and even a Copa Libertadores medal, among the forgotten objects that will be auctioned at the Quito airport

Jewelry, suitcases and even a Copa Libertadores medal, among the forgotten objects that will be auctioned at the Quito airport

The carelessness or hurry of the passengers who have passed through the Mariscal Sucre airport, in Tababela, in the northeast of Quito, have filled a warehouse with forgotten objects.

The Metropolitan Public Airport Services Company (EPMSA) maintains a special procedure when an object is identified that has been forgotten in this terminal.

Money, jewelry, suitcases with all their contents, umbrellas, cameras, even a 2022 Copa Libertadores medal are part of the number of objects that have been forgotten and did not have a person to claim.

Space is short, therefore, protected by a municipal resolution, when the objects have completed one year and were not claimed, there is the possibility of auctioning them.

In October of last year, an auction was already held that generated more than a thousand dollars in collection. This time there will be a new one in February.

Quito moves 90% of the country’s air cargo and the terminal captures new operations

On February 15, on the second floor of the Quito Airport Center, the objects that have complied with said period will be auctioned. From 08:00 to 09:30 people will register and from 10:00 the auction will begin.

In addition, from EPMSA they reported that a list of forgotten objects is published every week with the respective date of their discovery. People can go to and consult the forgotten objects option.

During 2022, they returned 4,508 forgotten objects to 693 passengers. In 2021, 780 objects were delivered. According to their figures, there are more objects than passengers, since sometimes they are full suitcases and for the count they take into account each item that is part of their content.

What to do when I forget an object at the airport?

Katya Bastidas, manager of EPMSA, pointed out that users have two options to recover their forgotten objects:

The first is to enter the EPMSA website and verify if the company uploads its object, at which time you can fill out a form and send it. At that time, the process will begin to identify and notify the passenger when they can come to collect.

Spanish company will intervene in the Quito airport business line, according to the Superintendence

The second option is to go to the airport security management office, located in front of the security filters. In that place they will verify the object, a comparison of it will be carried out and the person’s data must be entered, after signing a consent you can take your object. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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