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What rights or compensations do international flight travelers have?

What rights or compensations do international flight travelers have?

What rights or compensations do international flight travelers have?

Ecuadorian passengers who embark on international flights must meet a series of requirements and obligations to arrive safely at their destinations from the moment they buy their ticket on an airline, such as show up on time at the airport, declare the items in your baggage and go through security.

Airlines also have obligations to travelers at every step of your journey, especially when flight delays caused by airline management occur.

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According to General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC)passengers are entitled to certain compensations when their flights are delayed or canceled, causing an alteration in their itineraries.

These compensations do not apply when the delay or cancellation is caused by adverse weather conditions or force majeure.

Compensation for delays or cancellations

Reason Compensation
Delay when starting the flight greater than 30 minutes and less than 3 hours A snack and a phone call not to exceed three minutes per passenger.
Delay when starting the flight greater than 3 to 4 hours In addition to the above, a breakfast, lunch or dinner must be provided depending on the time. Passengers will also have a 10% discount on the purchase of their next ticket.
Delay in starting the flight of more than 4 hours In addition to the above, airlines must provide lodging and cover transportation or reimbursement expenses. The passenger can voluntarily agree to prolong the wait when it is foreseeable that the flight will take place within a reasonable period of time and compensate with the minimum amount equivalent to 25% of the value of the unfulfilled journey.
ticket oversold Minimum sum of 25% of the unfulfilled journey, paid in cash or in any other method accepted by the passenger. The net value of the ticket will be multiplied by the relationship between the distance of said journey over the total distance.
Transits and connections The previous compensations will be applicable to passengers in transit or connection who cannot continue their trip for reasons attributable to the carrier.

These compensations only apply to international travelers on airlines in Ecuador. Policies are not the same on other international airlines.

The US Department of Transportation, for example, does not require airlines to financially compensate their passengers for flight delays; doing so is optional. In the event that the flight has been cancelled, passengers are entitled to a refund of the value of their ticket and all additional baggage charges. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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