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Chacarero parade returned to the streets of Ambato after three years of suspension

Chacarero parade returned to the streets of Ambato after three years of suspension

The town bands and musical groups brightened up the atmosphere in the chacarero parade that took place this Saturday, January 28, from Parque de las Flores, in Ambato, Tungurahua province, after three years of being suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. .

The activity served as a preamble to the 72nd edition of the Fruit and Flower Festival (FFF), which will have the main days of celebration between February 17 and 21.

Traditional parade of chagras paid homage to Ambato

Little by little, the delegations that arrived from different sectors of the country concentrated in the Parque de las Flores to be part of the chacarero parade.

Byron Larrea, president of the Ambato Cantonal Agricultural Center, said that after the critical moments of the pandemic had passed, the decision was made to resume the parade, which is part of the tradition and culture that identifies the women and men who work in field.

The activity attracted the attention of locals and visitors from Ambato. Photo: Wilson Pinto. Photo: The Universe

He pointed out that the activity reflects what people who like the countryside live, that the day-to-day demonstration of the work he does on horseback is done, what it is like to be surrounded by cattle and enjoy the work that runs to feed the community.

He highlighted the participation not only of adults but also of adolescents, young people and even children.

Larrea maintained that the message is that the people of the city see that the man and the woman of the countryside are still active, that in this way they are immersed in the love that they should have towards the countryside and nature.

The events for the Festival of Fruit and Flowers in Ambato for the carnival holiday

Patricio Cárdenas, a member of the Club Hípico-Centro Agrícola Cantonal Ambato, remarked that it is the twenty-fourth national chacarero parade and lasso contest that is organized as a preamble to the FFF.

On this occasion there was the participation of 80 delegations with 2,000 assembled.

He stressed that the parade seeks to rescue traditions, because the desire is that they be maintained in future generations. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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