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The President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, will be called to render his investigative version of alleged corruption in public companies

The first announcement made by the president of the commission that will investigate alleged corruption in public companies, Viviana Veloz, from the Union for Hope (UNES) bench, is that she will invite the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, to give his version in this case that would involve his brother-in-law Danilo Carrera.

Veloz together with the representative of Bolívar, Mireya Pazmiño, who belongs to the Pachakutik rebel group, will lead the investigation in the commission for truth, justice and the fight against corruption as president and vice president, respectively. The two assembly members are related to correísmo and opposed to the government of Guillermo Lasso.

Occasional commission that will investigate alleged acts of corruption in public state companies will meet to begin its task

Veloz with her co-ideary, Pamela Aguirre, filed a complaint weeks ago with the State Attorney General’s Office about this same case of alleged corruption, and at the legislative level she will be the one who directs the table that will investigate the facts. He asked the Prosecutor’s Office to “investigate the possible crimes committed in the corruption plot that would be led by Danilo Carrera, President Lasso’s brother-in-law. Neither impassive nor indolent, that justice acts in law, ”she wrote on her social networks.

Deadlines and tests

According to the resolution of the plenary session of the Assembly, the Commission will have thirty days to investigate and present a report; but since the notification and until the installation of the first session, three days have elapsed, so 27 calendar days remain.

The president of the table revealed that they have already advanced some requests for information to public institutions such as the Comptroller’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office, as well as the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit. She added that the table will include everything that was revealed in the digital medium. The postand what exists in the State Attorney General’s Office and the report made by the Anti-Corruption Secretariat.

Veloz minimized the warning made by the representative of the Bancada Acuerdo Nacional (BAN), Gruber Zambrano, that the designation of the authorities of the Parliament did not respect the principle of parity, which could be null and void; that there is already a legislative precedent, therefore, it will not affect the investigation, whose schedule will be approved next week.

The legislator representing Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas announced that they will request the appearance of the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, because he is the nucleus or closest link to those involved in this act of corruption.

He recalled that in the matter “Pandora papers” Guillermo Lasso was called to appear because he is the first public official, but he did not appear. If this time he does not appear either, he will be the one who will look bad, for his constant refusal to give answers to the country, he noted.

The assemblywoman did not want to advance her criteria if the investigation and the report that the commission will present will lead to a political trial of the president or any official.

The pro-government assembly member, Gruber Zambrano, claimed that in the designation of authorities of the occasional table, the criteria of gender parity were not respected and two women were appointed to lead the commission, and that this will bring consequences in the future because it would lack of validity and cause nullity of everything that will be investigated.

Zambrano warned that the commission will seek to affect the image of the Government of Guillermo Lasso; “Since the beginning that the president took office, what they want is to remove him from power, and in this case, what they want is to take him to a political trial, here they are not going for the truth, but to harm the government by not letting him work Calm down,” he noted.

Viviana Veloz, on the other hand, said that there is no destabilization action, but that the sun cannot continue to be covered with one finger, any iota of ethics that could have existed in the Government with the “great godfather” case, has already been vanished, the facts are clear and the Prosecutor’s Office has to carry out the investigations and establish the corresponding criminal sanctions; while the Assembly will have to determine political responsibilities.

Legislator Diego Esparza, from the PSE, announced that the investigation process will be transparent and objective; and he warned that the President of the Republic is not obliged to attend the commission in case he is required to appear, but that if he has that predisposition it will help a lot in the investigation of the case. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso


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