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Identify your goals for 2023 and put your finances in order

Identify your goals for 2023 and put your finances in order

Identify your goals for 2023 and put your finances in order

With each beginning of the year, the motivation to meet your goals increases. Whether it’s professional or personal goals, making a list of what you want to accomplish can be a way to focus on your path.

However, many of your goals may require getting your finances in order, especially if your plan is to pay off debt, buy a house or car, travel the world, or start a business.

Why is it not convenient to pay for supermarket purchases in installments?

Make a budget it is one of the first steps you have to take to keep up with your finances. It allows you to see the annual, monthly or weekly economic panorama, to plan your expenses. With your list of goals for this year, you can include in the budget the money you need to achieve them.

How to get your finances in order

  • Create a budget: To create a budget you must organize the information of your periodic income in a table, as well as the expected expenses. That way you can assign a limit to each item and keep better control of your money.
  • Establish payments for your debts: Define which debts you need to settle faster and create a monthly payment plan for each one. It may be necessary to cut spending in other areas until the debt is paid off in full, but it’s one way to take the pressure off of debt.
  • Save: Within your budget it is necessary to assign an amount to savings. Depending on how much you earn, you can apply the ’50-30-20′ method, in which 50% of your income goes to basic and necessary expenses, 30% to going out or hobbies and 20% to savings.
  • Automate payments: Bank technology allows you to debit monthly or weekly an amount of your money that will go to pay off a debt or save. That way you will no longer be tempted to spend and you will be able to pay off your debts faster. (YO)

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