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Possession of alternate directors of the CPCCS subject to analysis and political calculations

There is still no date or time when the National Assembly will proceed to install five councilors of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS), who would come to replace the principals who were dismissed by the Constitutional Court, whose decision was made public. last January 23.

Although the criteria of the president of the National Assembly, Virgilio Saquicela, is to appoint the substitutes of the Participation Council, but he said that he cannot indicate the day on which this process will be completedbecause it needs a new certificate from the National Electoral Council (CNE), where it is reported who is authorized to be principal.

National Assembly analyzes sentence of the Constitutional Court before taking possession of five substitute councilors of the CPCCS

This is because there are three substitutes on the list: Monika Moreira, Graciela Mora and Teddy Tama, who are currently campaigning and seeking to be elected in the electoral process on February 5. So, Saquicela added, it is necessary to know who should assume office if three are candidates. This process of requesting new updated information will be done on January 26, Saquicela said.

The thesis of the president of the legislature does not convince the assemblymen Juan Fernando Flores of the Bancada Acuerdo Nacional (BAN) and Ricardo Vanegas (Pachakutik), who affirm that the new legislative majority made up of the correístas, social Christians and some separated from the leftist bancadas Democrática and Pachakutik, what they are aiming for is to buy time to make their political calculations on how to achieve majorities in the CPCCS.

substitute list

At the moment, the National Assembly has installed the councilors: Gina Aguilar and Olindo Nastacuaz, but at least five more councilors would remain to complete the plenary session made up of seven members.

According to the notification made by the National Electoral Council on November 21, 2022, those who should be principalized as CPCCS advisors for the male quota are: Carlos Figueroa, Aland Molestina, while Mauricio Gallardo would temporarily replace Teddy Tama, because he is on campaign

Women should take possession of the quota: Marlene Montesinos, who would temporarily assume the position because Monika Moreira is a candidate for the CPCCS, and Catalina Pérez, replacing Graciela Mora, who is participating in elections.

political positions

The coordinator of the official bloc, Juan Fernando FloresHe maintained that the National Assembly did not have to wait for the dismissal of the CPCCS directors, because the CNE sent the list of those who would come after those who were directors at that time and who have now been dismissed.

“When we were in the fight there was an interest that they take possession and there were even virtual sessions; And now what are they waiting for: negotiate, close an agreement or wait for the substitutes to pay homage to them, ”asked the representative of the government bloc.

The only thing left is for President Virgilio Saquicela to convene a session to install the new members of the Council, and also warned that the National Assembly must take an oath of office to the Superintendent of Banks, Roberto Romero. The more time passes, the more doubts arise regarding the delay in the possession of the new CPCCS directors.

The only ones who should wait for the results of the election of the Participation Council and the popular consultation are those who are participating as candidates, where the National Assembly has nothing to do with it, said the official.

The national legislator of Pachakutik, Ricardo Vanegas, commented that the Assembly has had the list of CPCCS substitutes since November 2022, and that the substitutes should have been summoned immediately, which puts a State institution in acephaly.

“They, the majority, are behind the control bodies and that depends on who leads the Citizen Participation Council, and since they have not been able to make their calculations and strategies effective, because of the seven new ones they would only have control of one , then they lengthen the possession”, alerted the Pachakutik assemblyman.

He clarified that Parliament should proceed to install Roberto Romero as Superintendent of Banks, because the Constitutional Court at the time of issuing its resolution dismissed the directors who were in office; since he cannot dismiss those dismissed, and also in the sentence it is indicated that all the acts carried out by the directors, who were in office, are legitimate and enjoy legality, consequently the Superintendent of Banks must be sworn in. And not to do so is to put in acephaly another institution of the State.

The Social Christian, Jorge Abedrabboconsidered that the swearing in of the new CPCCS directors should be immediate and that this depends on the presidency of the Assembly, since “we are aware that a long time has passed and that they have been called in many ways to take office, and we do not have to wait for an election.”

Bolívar’s representative commented that the CNE should be consulted, who must be principalized given that the substitute is in the campaign, because the assembly members do not choose the councilors, since they were elected by the citizens. Although the law does not determine a specific time for the possession of the new directors, he insisted that this act must take place as soon as possible.

Mauricio Zambrano, coordinator of the Union for Hope (UNES) bench, commented that the possession of the new CPCCS advisors is part of an evaluation of the Presidency of the National Assembly and it will be who sets the date for the corresponding session. He clarified that the Constitutional Court ruling does not establish dates or deadlines, but it does assess that it should be on successive days, because a headless organism cannot be maintained.

He recalled that there is a popular consultation that could leave the new councilors without functions and that there are also substitute councilors who are candidates and that after the electoral process on February 5, they must return to occupy their positions; therefore “we cannot have a council that participates for a few days and then it has to be renewed or changed, we would have to have a concrete action so that the Council of Citizen Participation fulfills its functions in the times that it has to do it”.

Zambrano spoke of the need for a meeting of bank coordinators to agree on the date of possession of the new directors. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso


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