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Aspiring police officers woke up early in Ambato to leave folders with the requirements of the selection process

Aspiring police officers woke up early in Ambato to leave folders with the requirements of the selection process

Since this Wednesday morning, dozens of young aspirants to join the National Police arrived with a folder under their arms, accompanied by mothers and fathers or a relative.

With great enthusiasm they lined up to present all the requirements to enter the Police Training School.

These are the requirements for the 2023 recruitment of the National Police

“I come with the firm decision to be part of the National Police School because I know that I am capable of being part of the noble uniformed institution, also because I have always had the vocation to serve the people,” said Eduardo Galeas, who arrived from Guaranda to leave the folder with the requirements in Ambato.

Anderson Guaire also arrived from Guaranda. He assured that his desire since he was a child has been to be part of the National Police, because he knows that in this way he will be able to serve the community.

Byron Santamaría, from Latacunga, accompanied a nephew to deliver the folder.

The latter, like Galeas and Guaire, confessed that he believes that it will be quite difficult to enter the school taking into account the large number of young people who came to leave the requirements.

Luis Pinos and his son Fernando arrived from Alausí. The father of the family mentioned that he arrived with the illusion that once he passes the tests his offspring will be part of the National Police.

“We hope that they reach the quotas for the number of young people who applied, because they told us that there are around 400 for the managerial level,” he said.

Major Edita Ortega, director of the Tungurahua Subzone Police Training School, reported through an audio provided by communication that a new recruitment process had begun through the National Directorate of Education.

National Police will incorporate 10,000 agents in 2023; The first phase will start this Friday the 13th.

He reported that the Tungurahua Subzone was considered the site of phase 1 of the process.

Hence, from this Wednesday until Tuesday of the following week, those who wish to belong to the police institution must approach according to the designated shift in the system to leave their folder with the requested requirements.

On January 11, the National Police announced the start of the recruitment process that plans to incorporate 5,000 uniformed. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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