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They shoot the owner of a pharmacy that was apparently extorted by ‘vaccinators’

A man dressed in black and a cap approaches the latticework of a pharmacy. It occurs while the owner is serving customers who are placing orders.

The subject looks into the interior of the premises and monitors the movements of the owner and customers.

Suddenly he pulls out a gun and, regardless of the fact that there are two customers still placing orders, he shoots the owner of the pharmacy he is serving. Customers run out of fear and the subject flees the other way.

For the fourth time, the Police detain a 17-year-old teenager who threatens and shoots against commercial premises in the northwest of Guayaquil

The event happened in the Las Cañas sector, in Nueva Prosperina, in the northwest of Guayaquil. The sequence was recorded on video.

The gunshot victim of about 45 years was taken to a hospital in the area, but did not resist and died.

Versions indicate that the woman was the victim of an alleged extortionist who demanded payment for the ‘vaccine’. Apparently, previously, she had threatened to make a payment.

They attack a group of people in the Cristo del Consuelo, in the south of Guayaquil

The woman was a native of Los Ríos and her business, in 2022, had already been the object of this type of extortion.

These extortions have become recurrent in businesses in Guayaquil. Every week there are cases of extortionists who threaten small local owners and even dare larger businesses.

This week it was learned that a local supermarket chain, located in the northwest, was shot by criminals.

A video has also gone viral in which subjects enter a location in the Florida sector to try to extort money. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso


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