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Even children were forced to lie on the floor during a cafeteria assault


It happened Monday night in Chaya, a place that sells snacks and coffee located in the fourth stage of the Los Tamarindos citadel, in the southwest of Portoviejo.

Two criminals entered the premises and forced the customers, including children, to lie face down on the ground while they robbed the premises and several users.

The images were recorded thanks to the security camera of the business. In them it was recorded that the antisocials pointed to the heads of some diners.

In addition to the money from the day’s sale, the criminals also took customer belongings.

Criminal fled from a restaurant in Manabí after a child threw an object at him

It was not the only robbery captured by cameras, since on Monday the robbery suffered by some employees of a gas station belonging to a passenger transport cooperative was spotted.

That same Monday afternoon, a woman was assaulted and even dragged by anti-socials to steal about $5,000 that she intended to deposit in a bank agency located on Manabí Avenue, one of the most frequented shopping areas in Portoviejo.

The woman was approaching the door of the savings cooperative, when a man approached her and tried to snatch the bag where she had the money, but the woman resisted.

A couple is robbed of $60,000 when they were going to buy construction materials in Jipijapa

Given this, the antisocial fired a shot into the air to intimidate her; According to witnesses, he even dragged her to take the loot from her, a fact that he achieved after several seconds of struggling with her owner for the money.

Last Tuesday, two people were robbed and $20,000 was taken from them in two robberies. The National Police has not yet issued a statement on actions or if they have already arrested those responsible for the assaults. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso


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