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Overflow of stream in Guayllabamba affected 20 houses;  emergency bonds and humanitarian aid were activated

Overflow of stream in Guayllabamba affected 20 houses; emergency bonds and humanitarian aid were activated

Mud, garbage and debris were dragged from the Bello Horizonte ravine, in the Guayllabamba parish, to the main avenues.

The intense rain on Saturday, January 14, caused the overflow of this ravine, which left a total of 20 houses affected.

Since yesterday afternoon, personnel from the Quito Fire Department (CBQ), Metropolitan Control Agents, EP Emseguridad, Epmmop, Secretary of Security, GAD of Guayllabamba and the National Police worked on cleaning tasks due to the amount of water and mud that was present. on the roads, sidewalks and who entered several homes.

The place where the landslide was recorded is in the upper area of ​​Guayllabamba, on the road that connects with El Quinche. This, in the northeast of Quito.

Rains in Quito and the valleys caused flooding in various sectors

Esteban Borja, Secretary(s) of Security and Governance, pointed out that the amount of rain affected a slope that fell away and that the mudflow slid to the commercial area of ​​the parish.

Therefore, they came with dump trucks, heavy machinery and human personnel to clean the place. This work has been maintained during this Sunday.

According to a communiqué from the Municipality, of the 20 houses that had mishaps, four families were the most affected, as they lost their belongings.

Borja indicated that the emergency bonds were activated, with humanitarian aid to replace the losses suffered by these people.

Jorge Almeida, CBQ Control officer, said that since yesterday at 3:20 p.m. the actions to evacuate the remains that are on the road began. He also stressed that there are no injured people, nor damaged or collapsed structures.

With shovels, buckets and other tools, the inhabitants joined the work of the emergency agencies.

Until this morning it was reported that 95% of the mud had already been removed from the Guayllabamba roads.

However, the cleanup work continues, a group of experts was also assigned to carry out an evaluation of the slopes and start work in order to prevent a new landslide.

Crashes and overturning occurred in Quito during the rainy weekend

According to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi), the rains will continue for the following days, the alerts are published on their social networks in order for people to take their due precautions.

In Quito and its valleys it is expected that there will be a little clearer tomorrow, however, the rains in the afternoon and night could continue. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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