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A birthday party ended with a hitman in La Floresta

A birthday party ended with a hitman in La Floresta

In La Floresta, south of Guayaquil, a birthday celebration ended violently when hit men on a motorcycle came to shoot those who were in the doorway of a two-story house.

The event occurred at 05:30 this Sunday, January 15, and the neighbors were alarmed this morning at the attack that left a man dead and two injured as a result.

An employee of a company that provides services to a local port was killed in Guasmo; The perpetrators left a note announcing a “purge”

Colonel Marcelo Castillo, head of the South district, said that none of those affected would have a criminal record, but they are investigating whether they were involved in illegal acts.

Castillo mentioned that before the attack several times the police had approached the neighborhood to ask them to enter his house and that they had responded: “We are healthy people, nothing is going to happen to us.”

Shortly after they were alerted to the shooting attack and went to collect evidence.

Other members of the family attacked at 08:00 cleaned the doorway of the house, collected bottles and threw water to remove the blood stains.

At that time another crime was reported near there. Three dock workers were shot while heading home in a van. One died and two were shot.

They riddled a couple who were talking in a car in Nueva Prosperina; hours later they shot a motorized

Police detained a suspect and the car used with the firearms.

The hitmen left a note next to the official’s body. The letter speaks of a purge for acts of corruption.

In Zone 8 during the weekend at least ten murders have been reported. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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