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“God has me here for a mission, and that is to continue doing my job”: the actor Lucho Aguirre reveals details of the myelodysplasia of the bone marrow that he suffers from and his condition

“God has me here for a mission, and that is to continue doing my job”: the actor Lucho Aguirre reveals details of the myelodysplasia of the bone marrow that he suffers from and his condition

“God has me here for a mission, and that is to continue doing my job”: the actor Lucho Aguirre reveals details of the myelodysplasia of the bone marrow that he suffers from and his condition

It all started as an unexpected anemia at the end of OctoberThen in December It was announced on social networks that the renowned actor and director of theater and television Luis Aguirre Ford need from that moment blood transfusions due to a diagnosis of marrow myelodysplasia. It is an alteration that is affecting the development of your blood cellscausing low counts of one or more of the cell types in the bloodsuch as red and white blood cells, as well as platelets.

Lucho Aguirre talks about marrow myelodysplasia, a disease that forces him to receive blood transfusions

They have certainly been some unprecedented days in life who is better known as lucho aguirre. The biggest support for him right now is his family, beginning with his wife, Mary Riera. then his acting career and friends and colleagues that he has done on this path, who took a step forward to promote initiatives that can support him in this delicate situation.

What Isidro Murillowith whom he worked on the comedy three families (2014), who made one of the first calls for others to join to donate blood for the actor. Or the partners of Coffee Theater Toledo Showamong them Jorge Toledowho decided donate your January 5 ticket office for your medical expenses. Waves actresses Marisela Gómez and Raquel Villamar“two people who have moved a lot to get blood for my treatment and have moved all the actors in company 593 (Ecuavisa, the most recent production under his direction)”, says Lucho gratefully.

United by Lucho Aguirre; In Toledo Café Teatro, three comedy shows were presented to raise funds for the actor

Luis Aguirre. Photo: Francisco Verni

That, to name just a few. It is appreciated that where Lucho has stepped he has left a trail of camaraderie and admirationsince it was formed in The Minstrel Theater to his career in the media with productions and dramatized that were enshrined in the history of Ecuadorian televisionWhat The corner of the shorties (1993), apple 12 (nineteen ninety five), The Yellow Combo (2011), the trinity (2016), among others.

Finally, and not last, Lucho owes his optimism and hope to a superior being. In this interview and photo session on Saturday, January 7, he was quite animated and above all positive of his recovery from the hand of God. “I’m getting better, a bit ‘annoying’ due to the effects of the treatment, but I’m getting better there,” shared the 64-year-old interpreter, who at times gets agitated and exhausted precisely for this reason, but solemnly assures that still don’t think about death.

Lucho Aguirre fights for his life; The actor urgently needs blood donors

What were your first thoughts when you learned about your diagnosis?

I never thought that I would have a disease like this. You never expect it, it happens unexpectedly and scares. Because I had to do a lot of tests until I found the diagnosis, but right now you have to be positive, fighting so that everything goes well.

How has your life changed since then?

Totally (has changed). I have had the support of my family, my wife, my children who are next to me and that makes me reflect on a series of things, behaviors as a human being. Knowing that God is by my side, he is totally invested in me and because he is giving me a mission to come out of this, He keeps me well. I trust Him and there we are moving forward.

How is your recovery process going? I was planning to start chemotherapy.

In the first instance we planned chemotherapy. But doctor César León preferred to leave at the moment for the treatment with injections, which were donated by doctor Alejandra Posligua, from the Luis Vernaza Hospital. There are several cycles of seven injections, one daily.

Lucho Aguirre makes a call for health: “I am going to enter the chemotherapy process that will surely start in January”

How did you receive Christmas and the New Year?

Thank God I was hospitalized, but the doctor preferred to send me home to spend Christmas and the end of the year with the family. We were alone, eating, praying, because in any case I feel the presence of the Lord in me, I feel that I am in his hands and he is rebuilding me. He is making me like a potter and I trust Him. We all had a great time.

Have you been a believer before?

I hadn’t been such a believer in a long time. But here is a light within me, that I feel, that guides me. What I feel is magical, because that presence makes my will not break and makes me fully trust that my recovery will be good. God has me here for something, for a mission, which is to continue doing my job and sharing much more with the people around me.

How are you perceiving the support shown by the talents who have ever worked with you?

The support of many people is super exciting, like the one from Toledo, like Carlos Flores, from the School of Celebrities, the people from Juglar. Everyone is moving in some way to raise funds, because this is a bit of an expensive disease anyway.

What excites me the most is the attention of the public, of the people on the street, of the vendor and thus, of people who have been attentive, sending me positive messages, in giving me their contribution of strength and energy. The other day he told me “I don’t even know their faces, but that’s how I know their hearts.”

Actor Lucho Aguirre returns to the stage with a picaresque comedy; presents ‘Hot Line’

It is said that in good seasons you know your friends and in bad seasons your true friends, have you experienced that too?

Yes, and at this moment above all I have experienced that I have many friends, in television and theater companions, even right here in the citadel where I live the neighbors are holding raffles. I feel super supported and that motivates me even more to continue fighting for my health.

What have the doctors told you to achieve in your health to return to work?

You have to recover the marrow, the red blood cells… finish the treatment. It is possible that I cannot work as before, but without wanting to sound evangelical, I really feel the energy of the Lord that is going to give me strength to fulfill a project that I have had in mind for a long time.

Do you feel that your career has also been a support in this difficult moment?

Sure, of course. There are pending projects with ecuavisa. For my part, I want to do an acting school for children and young people. I just want someone to give me an appointment with the person who is going to sit in the Olmedo chair (mayor of Guayaquil) to give me 20 minutes to talk about this project.

Don Day and Pamela Sambrano, the protagonists of the love story of ‘Compañía 593’, the next premiere of Ecuavisa

And what is that project about?

The idea is that the Municipality or Government allows the reuse of abandoned houses in the city, or buildings that are being destroyed. I would like you to donate a house to set up this school of positive theater, anti-drugs, values, tourism, road safety education, and do a series of plays that can be presented in various places.

And besides forming a team with a psychologist named Gino Escobar, who helps a lot in the matter of developing the personality of the boys, which is very important. Many times when the children are out on the streets and the parents are concerned or when they want to get involved in the theater, the first to oppose them are the parents, they tell them “what are you going to do there, waste your time, no more, what are you going to do?” You’re going to make it with that!” No, yes it is achieved, they manage to develop their personality, they learn to work as a team, they manage to be a more sensitive person, they manage to be a human being. And so we can prevent children from falling into drugs, or becoming abusers or abusers, among other things.

Is that how it was for you when you wanted to be an actor? Did you not feel the support of your family to act?

Yes, exactly. But I was foolish (laughs). I dedicated myself, because, as I explain to the guys in the (acting) courses, this is about tenacity, discipline, confidence, teamwork and that’s when success is achieved.

Do you think about death?

Yes, of course I do, but not yet (laughs). (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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