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Floods and landslides, among the emergencies generated by the intense rain in Quito

Floods and landslides, among the emergencies generated by the intense rain in Quito

Despite the fact that this Friday, January 13, Quito had a radiant sun, the rains during the afternoon and night continue to wreak havoc in the capital.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi), the city will have clearer mornings, but rainfall will remain at different points.

The south of Quito and the Valle de los Chillos have been the most affected by the amount and intensity of rain received. This, without taking into account the cold thermal sensation with which the citizens have dealt.

On Thursday night, two more relevant cases were reported, although there were other emergency calls, most of them due to accumulation of water.

In the Las Cuadras sector, in the south of Quito, there was a flood as a result of the heavy rain. The sewers collapsed and the water accumulated, affecting the houses on that site.

The Quito Fire Department (CBQ) reported that they had to evacuate people, in a preventive manner, in the place they carried out water suction work. Once the excess liquid was eliminated, the inhabitants returned to their homes.

Quito dawns with heavy rain and fog

The second case was registered in Conocoto, in the southeast of the capital. In this place the collapse of a slope that fell on a house was recorded. The mud affected the structure and several of the household appliances and household items.

QUITO.- Intense rains generate floods and landslides in different parts of the capital. Photo: Courtesy CBQ

From the metropolitan Emergency Operations Committee (COE) they reported that the people were evacuated from the place and welcomed by neighbors, they were not transferred to a shelter, although they did make it available. They also pointed out that food and hygiene kits, among others, were delivered.

In addition, they have assigned machinery to clean the place and once everything is stabilized, a study will be carried out on the impact on the house. The metropolitan COE has an emergency fund that can be activated when these natural disasters appear, as happened last year in La Gasca and La Comuna, in the north of Quito.

The municipal authorities recommended avoiding throwing garbage in the streets so that the sewers do not collapse, also, keeping the gutters or drains clean in this rainy season. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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