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The Security Council will not abide by the judicial decision that ordered the transfer of alias ‘Anchundia’ to the Santo Domingo prison

The Security Council will not abide by the judicial decision that ordered the transfer of alias ‘Anchundia’ to the Santo Domingo prison

The Public and State Security Council (Cosepe) rejected the decision of a Santo Domingo judge, José Julián Herbozo, who ordered the transfer of Freddy Anchundia, alias anchundiafrom the Guayas 3 detention center, known as La Roca, in Guayaquil, to Santo Domingo.

Therefore, the body decided to deny compliance with the judicial provision and informed that it will not abide by it.

Government claims for the transfer of two inmates who would be responsible for the massacre in the Santo Domingo prison that left 40 prisoners dead

In this sense, it was revealed that alias anchundia He will not be transferred to Santo Domingo and full support will be given to the National Comprehensive Care Service for Persons Deprived of Liberty (SNAI). Cosepe also determined that the revocation of the judge’s order will be requested.

“Stop! We will not allow the peace and tranquility of Ecuador to be usurped,” said the Government, through a statement shared by the General Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency.

President Guillermo Lasso also expressed his dissatisfaction. “When the judges act as they should, we will abide by their orders,” the president published.

Freddy Marcelo Anchundia Loor He is the leader of the R7 gang, which is dedicated to drug trafficking and other criminal activities such as hit men. He records an extensive criminal record for which he has been confined in prisons in Cuenca, Guayaquil and Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.

The Police point to him as the alleged person responsible for two prison massacres; one of them was in the center of Turi on April 3, 2022, where 20 inmates died, and the other occurred on May 9 of that year in Santo Domingo, where at least 40 prisoners were murdered.

After the last event, he was transferred to La Roca, from where he has tried to leave on several occasions, through legal resources, to return to Santo Domingo.

Alias ​​Anchundia, leader of the R7, returns to La Roca after trying to stop his change with judicial resources; he will remain isolated and incommunicado

At the end of December of last year, Judge Jhon Rodríguez Mindiola ordered that other members of the R7 gang, Ángelo Javier Achile Mite, alias black angelo, and Kevin Javier Manzaba Farías leave La Roca and are sent to the Santo Domingo prison.

According to the Government, Achile and Manzaba would also be responsible for the killing of the 40 inmates in the Santo Domingo prison. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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