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Criminals enter a supermarket to rob an ATM in the suburb of Guayaquil

Criminals enter a supermarket to rob an ATM in the suburb of Guayaquil

A group of criminals entered a supermarket to try to rob an ATM that was built into the wall of the façade.

The event occurred around 04:00 this Thursday in the area of ​​Octava and Portete, in the suburb of Guayaquil.

Preliminary versions refer that the subjects would have violated one of the access doors of the supermarket to be able to manipulate an ATM from inside.

‘They entered the hospital with rifles, high-powered weapons; There are two detainees,’ confirms the Minister of the Interior after an armed attack in Guayaquil

The criminals would have used welding equipment to violate the security of the ATM.

In the midst of committing this crime, the fire alarm would have been activated, which alerted police officers in the area, according to RTS.

The firefighters even received the alert that smoke was coming out of the ATM in the area, as it was believed that it was an outbreak of fire.

But when the police arrived at the site, the robbery had already been committed. It is known that money had been stolen.

The Security Council will not abide by the judicial decision that ordered the transfer of alias ‘Anchundia’ to the Santo Domingo prison

Robberies at ATMs register several cases in Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca and other cities.

Weeks ago, criminals tried to rob an ATM that is in a supermarket in the Mi Lote area, in the northwest of Guayaquil. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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